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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

Hillgrove vs. Lassiter - Post Game

Courtesy: National Underclassmen Football Combine Staff
          Release: September 06, 2012
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Hillgrove vs. Lassiter

Powder Springs, Georgia- Charles Dickens would have been inspired by this game as it proved to be a "Tale of Two Halves." In the end the Lassiter Trojans would prevail 37 to 29 over the Hillgrove Hawks despite an extremely flat second half.

UCLA commit Eddie Printz ran the Trojan offense to perfection in the first half completing 15 of 18 passes for 211 yards and two touchdowns. The Trojan defense was stellar in the first half aided by an opportunistic defense that saw speedster Robert Dowling take an interception 75 yards for a score. Two-way stud Josh Danforth also made his mark scoring on offense while providing constant pressure on the Hillgrove signal caller.

The second half not only saw the sun set on the Hillgrove bench but the spirit of the Hawks soar. Printz was picked off twice allowing the Hillgrove offense to take control. It was then time for Ole Miss commit Evan Engram to get involved as he caught all four of his passes in the second half; one catch went for an 83-yard touchdown. Defensively it was Yellow Jacket commit Tolando Cleveland that provided the spark making numerous tackles and blocking a field goal attempt.

In the end the Trojans would ride out RB/WR Willie Police to kill the clock and claim victory. Lassiter converted a fourth down and one on the Hillgrove 21-yard line with 49 seconds left to ice the game. Police would end the game with 160 yards of offense and one score.



Bradley Chubb, LB/DE, 6-3/210, Hillgrove, GA (2014)

Stats/Highlights: Chubb was in on five tackles none bigger than his two solo hits on punt coverage.

Assets: Chubb has the perfect build to become a linebacker in the 3-4-defense at the next level. He is tall, long, lean, and can get down field on special teams. He has a great frame that could easily hold more weight. His ability to run sideline to sideline will definitely catch the eyes of college coaches.

Development: If he is to project as a defensive end he will need to add at least another 20 to 25 pounds of muscle mass. As a linebacker he needs work on turning his hips and moving in space.

Recruiting: Right now I would say he projects as a ACC/SEC level recruit.

Tolando Cleveland*, DB, 5-11, 175, Hillgrove, GA (2013)

Stats/Highlights: Cleveland had to have been in on double digit tackles while also blocking a second half field goal attempt.

Assets: One thing is for sure and that is Cleveland is not afraid to come up in run support and lay the wood. He also demonstrated great speed when catching one of the Lassiter running backs from behind. Let's face it one area of the field that Printz did not dominate as a thrower was the middle where Cleveland sat most of the night. I don't think there is any question that this safety is one of the top players in the Peach State. Georgia Tech fans need to be excited about this defensive back commit.

Development: He is still a bit thin so adding a tad more muscle mass will only help him become more dominate in stopping the running game. That extra added muscle mass will also help with durability.

Recruiting: Committed to Georgia Tech

Evan Engram*, TE, 6-3, 215, Hillgrove, GA (2013)

Stats/Highlights: Engram caught four passes for 119 yards and one score. None was bigger than his 83-yard touchdown catch where he broke two tackles and shot down the sideline like a rocket towards the end zone.

Assets: Engram has the ideal size and skill set for the hybrid TE/WR at the next level. He lines up in the slot and as a traditional tight end. This means he is more than a receiving tight end but one that has the experience of actually run blocking versus defensive ends. He does a great job of attacking the ball away from his body and he possesses excellent speed once he gets into the open field.

Development: I would have liked to see him get more involved in the offense in the first half. I am not sure how much of that is his fault since the Hillgrove quarterback was running for his life most of the time. Engram will need to add about 15-pounds of muscle mass while maintaining his overall athleticism to have the same impact in the SEC.

Recruiting: Committed to Ole Miss


*NUC Participant


Josh Danforth, LB/FB, 6-0, 220, Lassiter, GA (2013)

Stats/Highlights: Danforth was in on over six tackles, two being sacks, and he scored a rushing touchdown.

Assets: Danforth has the body of a Greek God chiseled from head to toe. He also plays with reckless abandoned and no fear. He will use his body as a battering-ram just flat out running opponents over or he will just go over the top of would-be blockers to get pressure on the signal caller. His skill set is ideal for a BCS level fullback that can get short yardage and smack linebackers in the mouth.

Development: As an inside linebacker prospect he needs to work on his hip flexibility which should help him in coverage. Outside of that he just needs to get his film on the desk of college coaches that still run out of the I-formation or a pro-style offense. Danforth was clearly a man among boys in this game.

Recruiting: Had an early offer from UCLA; projects as a major DI fullback.

Robert Dowling, DB, 5-11, 175, Lassiter, GA (2013)

Stats/Highlights: Dowling was in on four tackles but stole the momentum of the game early on the with his 75-yard interception return for a score.

Assets: Dowling has good size for a corner and hips on a swivel. He did a great job of reading the quarterback's eyes and jumping the route on his pick six. During the return he was able to show off his speed by outrunning some very athletic Hillgrove offensive players. Dowling may be ready to come out of the shadow of NC State freshman Nile Clark who shared the defensive backfield limelight last season at Lassiter.

Development: The main thing he needs is get stronger while adding more muscle mass. This should help him become a bigger factor in stopping the running game. Also get senior film up as soon as possible on YouTube or HUDL.

Recruiting: Has offers from Air Force, Middle Tennessee State, Murray State, South Alabama, and UT-Martin, Utah State.


Ryan Jenkins*, WR, 5-10, 170, Lassiter, GA (2013)

Stats/Highlights: Jenkins has three catches for 46 yards and a 30-yard punt return in the game. Jenkins was able to show off his speed on his 40-yard reception by blazing past the defender.

Assets: The obvious asset of Jenkins game is his overall speed. He has the speed to become a vertical threat and a dangerous return man. He also demonstrated pretty good ball control on his over the shoulder catch near the boundary.

Development: I would have liked to see him have been a bigger factor in the Lassiter offense. He is slight in stature and will need to add extra muscle mass and strength in order to hold up at the collegiate level.

Recruiting: Committed to Clemson

Willie Police, ATH, 5-10, 170, Lassiter, GA (2013)

Stats/Highlights: Police had five catches for 100 yards and a score while also carrying the ball ten times for 60 yards. No play was more exciting than his 39-yard touchdown catch and run.

Assets: This guy is a very talented athlete and I left thinking he may be the best overall football player on the Lassiter squad. He possesses soft hands, has good body control, and can make defenders whiff in space. Police also has good speed and can accelerate getting to top speed in a hurry. I think he could project as a slot receiver, return, man, and possibly a cornerback.

Development: If he is going to be catching passes near the tackle box at the next level he will need to add about 15 more pounds. Look for this guy's recruiting to really take off especially since Lassiter could make a deep run in the GHSAA playoffs this year.

Recruiting: Has offers from Georgia Southern, Murray State, and Utah State.

Eddie Printz, QB, 6-4, 210, Lassiter, GA (2013)

Stats/Highlights: Printz finished the evening 19 of 25 for 242 yards with two touchdowns and two picks. He was very impressive in the first half showing confidence as a leader and a mastery of the Lassiter offense.

Assets: Printz has the ideal size and arm strength for a pro-style signal caller at the BCS level. He was also nifty enough on his feet to avoid the pressure buying more time in the pocket. Printz does a good job of disguising the slip screens and dump passes. His first half performance was like watching a computer execute simple math. He always has his eyes downfield even when being flushed from the pocket. He can also take snaps under center and in the shotgun.

Development: On the shorter horizontal passes he needs to remember to still weight transfer using the same throwing motion he does on other passes. He was picked in the second half because he forgot to look off his intended target which he did in the first half. To his credit he did hustle to make the tackle on his first pick.

Recruiting: Committed to UCLA

Others Who Impressed: Juwan Dickey, WR, Lassiter (2013); Travon Simmons, DB, Hillgrove (2013); Christopher Murphy, DB, Lassiter (2014).


*NUC Participant



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