Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

Courtesy: National Underclassmen Football Combine Staff
          Release: 08/09/2010
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What is the purpose of the event?

What is the cost for the event?

What is the process the athletes go through at the event?

When are results posted?

How can I register?

What do you get with the fee and what is included for the athletes at the event?

What should I bring to the event?

Where are your locations and dates?

How do I get directions to the event?

Can I omit a score if I did not perform well at an event?

Do you laser time or manual time the event?

Who are some of your coaches who work the events?

Can you purchase anything at the event?

When can I set up combine prep or position skill training?

Who qualifies for the Ultimate 100 Camp?

How are the Ultimate 100 invitees selected?

I can't make the Ultimate 100 in the region closest to me. Can I attend the camp elsewhere?

When do you give colleges the evaluations of the players at the combines, Ultimate 100 and Top Prospect Camp?

Is there a refund if I cannot attend the combine or can i transfer to another event?

What is the parents and coaches code of conduct?

What is the purpose of the event?

1.       To get athletes exposure to the combine events, testing and requirements as early as possible so their performance on the field and at other events increase as they become more aware and comfortable to what recruiters and college coaches are looking for.

2.       To get football players early exposure to recruiting outlets such as, ESPN, 24/7 Sports, and the National Colligate Scouting Association (NCSA) along with colleges to give them the best and earliest opportunity to earn a football scholarship or increase their chances of playing for a bigger program than they previously would have.

3.       To find out who the best freshmen, sophomores and juniors football players 's are in the country as well as finding and spotlighting tomorrows' stars today.

What is the cost for the event?

Cost is $89.99 for participants who pre-register (register online). If you register in person the day of the event, the cost is $120. If you pre-register, you will have the option to make a deposit on the event.

Please Note: If you pay 50% (half of the total price) up front, the remaining balance will be due on the first of the next month or within two weeks of the event. There are no refunds for the camps or combines. If you cannot attend any of one of the events that you are registered for due to injury or schedule conflict, we will gladly give you a credit toward a future event of your choice. Our goal is to get athletes to the events so they can be evaluated and rated en route to helping them play in college.

No refunds or transfers will be provided for an injury that occurs during an event.

There are no refunds for any event for any reason. If an event is cancelled or postponed due to weather or acts of God you may be credited or transferred to a future event.

What is the process the athletes go through at the event?

1.       Check in.  All athletes fills out a combine card with their info such as name, grade, high school, state, first and secondary position. Athletes are also measured, weighed and photographed. Walk-on registrations are also accepted.

2.       Parent meeting/ presentation by Combine Director about expectations

3.       Dynamic warm up by event staff

4.       Group separation by position

5.       Combine testing stations (bench press, broad jump, vertical leap, shuttle run and 40 yard dash)

6.       Quick Break

7.       Individual Period (position drills and skills)

8.       1 on 1's /2v2s

9.       1 on 1 2v2s showcase for potential position MVP's and Ultimate 100 invites

10.    Awards Ceremony: Awards are given to MVP's at all positions including: QB, OL, DL, RB, WR/TE, LB, DB. There is also an Overall MVP, Fastest Man, Strongest Man, Combine King and Leadership award. At the 8th/9th grade combine, there is USUALLY an 8th grade MVP award, which depends on the number of participants .

11.    Concluding talk from Combine Director/NCSA/guest speaker

When are the results posted?

Typically, results, which include the Ultimate 100 invitees, All-Combine Team, NUC's Top Prospect (if it applies), top performers list and MVP write ups are posted online within two weeks. However, due to the number events, it could take up to a month to be posted on under results section.

Please note: This season, for the first time ever, the NUC is proud to offer expedited results to all event participants. Expedited combine results will be sent either via email or fax within three business days of the combine for just $10. To order expedited stats, sign up for an event and check the box that says "expedited combine results".

How can I register?

There are three ways to register!

1. The fastest and easiest way to register and ensure the athlete's spot at the combine is by going to  Click your preferred event date and location, following it through to the online registration link. Fill out the form accurately and completely. Please remember to read all instructions when completing information online. All transactions go through our secure server with our partner; so online transaction are completely safe.

2. You can also go online to and click on your date and location and click on the offline registration link.  Download the form and send it in to: National Underclassmen Combine, 860 Wyckoff Ave Suite 1 Mahwah, NJ 07430, or you can fax your registration and payment information to 201-891-4119. We accept all forms of payment through the mail including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Money Order, except cash and personal checks. If you are sending a money order, please make it out to Schuman Enterprises. If you are planning to walk-on and pay at the event, we take all forms of payment EXCEPT personal checks.

 3. For high school teams, you can download the online form and send it in as a group. Five or more athletes get a 10% discount for one group. So the fee goes from $89.99 to $81.00. Contact your coach or booster club about sending your team. We also have special discounts for teams with 10 or more athletes attending. Call us at 888-NUC-MVP1 or 201-485-7273 and ask about our special team discounts.

If you cannot attend any event that you are registered for due to injury or schedule conflict, we will gladly give you a credit toward a future event of your choice.

What do you get with the fee, and what is included for the athletes at the event?

1. The ability to participate in all the combine events including: 40 yard dash, shuttle run, vertical jump, broad jump, bench press (185 lbs for all juniors/sophomore linemen, 155 lbs for sophomore skill position players/freshman linemen, 135 lbs for all freshman skill position players). They then participate in individual position period, 1 on 1's and 2 on 2's. The bench press is optional for 8th graders.

2. All the results are sent out to every college in the country, all levels including, D-1, D-1AA, D-II, D-II, and NAIA. The information included will be your combine stats, ranking, school, personal, and address information so colleges will have you in their database, and if they deem you a prospect, they will begin recruiting you from the summer going into your junior and senior year forward.

3. Our partners,, 247sports and cover events and looks for top athletes to create profiles on their highly respected recruiting network. ESPN also takes stats from each event. We now also employ our own National and Regional Analysts that rank and evaluate the players for

4. A chance to be one of the top 200 athletes chosen for the Ultimate 100 Camp Regional Camps, NUC Five Star or All Star Games. Due to our increase in number of events and participants, we will give more top athletes an opportunity to participate. Our Ultimate 100 Camps take place in June, July and will be in Atlanta, NYC area, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Over the past two years, 50% of the athletes chosen for the Ultimate 100 camp have been offered D-1 scholarships. We also develop a Top 100 List for each region and rank a National U100 list. These lists and MVP results will go out to every college as well. U100 Top Prospect Camp will choose the invites from the U100 Regional Camps

5. An opportunity to test and compete against the best athletes in your grade and in your region. To accurately and objectively gage the athlete's talent level and provide insight and feedback to improvements, providing the athlete an opportunity to become a more skilled and polished prospect.

6. Free combine performance T-Shirt, a great first-hand experience of what combine testing is all about and the ability to showcase your talents.

What should I bring to the event?

All athletes must bring cleats, track spikes, cross trainers/running shoes, a bag, plenty of water/Gatorade and a snack. Most of the facilities have turf or grass fields. Track spikes are necessary because the 40 yard dash is run on the track if there is heavy rain and/or other weather conditions. Sneakers are for check in and the bench press, which take place indoors.

PLEASE NOTE: Food and drink are NOT included; however, most facilities will have a concession stand opened during the event. Events are on rain or shine.

Where are your locations and dates?

There are over 100 locations.  We only accept 400 athletes per location.  The quickest and easiest way to find locations is by clicking on the following

How do I get directions to the event?

Each event will have a location name (for example, the name of the high school or facility the combine is taking place at) as well as a physical street address listed. The fastest and easiest way to find out how to get from your residence to the facility is to use or All Events are listed online with locations at or for five star.

Can I omit a score if I did not perform well at an event?

You may omit any score that you do not want sent to colleges or posted on the website. We will use all your scores for evaluation of the Ultimate 100 Camp. This event is designed to help all athletes get recruited; so don't worry if you have a bad day or a bad event.

Do you laser time or manual time the event?

We do manual timing with stopwatches at the event. At the Ultimate 100 Camps, we may have two watches on an athlete.

Who are some of your coaches who work the events?

Most of our coaches are former college or pro players, former or current HS or college coaches.  They work with the athletes on the skill events. We also bring in local coaches to work the events. In the past, we've had coaches such as E.G. Green (Indianapolis Colts), Kenard Lang (Washington Redskins/Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos), Joe Burns (Buffalo Bills), Allan Zemitas (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Shane Stafford (record setting QB of the Orlando Predators and Dallas Vigilantes), Guy Bertola (former Kean University Coach), former collegiate standouts including, Quincy Hipps (Miami), Jayson Swain (Tennessee), Dennis Rowsey (West Virginia), Wes Brown (Tennessee), Derrick Furlow (Tennessee), Cody and Cory Sullins (Tennessee), NFL great Jamal Lewis.

Can you purchase anything at the event?

We do not sell anything at event, must be pre purchased.

When can I set up combine prep or position skill training?

We offer combine and position prep training before every event unless noted otherwise.

Who qualifies for the Ultimate 100 Camp?

The top 200 athletes from each grade and region will be invited to the Ultimate 100 Combine/Camp for $89.99. The U-100 features top coaches working with athletes and videos from the event is video-streamed to over 200 college coaches and recruiters.  The U-100 locations are in the NYC area, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

How are Ultimate 100 invitees selected?

Nationally acclaimed talent evaluators select invitees based on a combination of the athlete's performance during the testing (40, shuttle, broad jump, vertical and bench press, individual position period and one on ones). Effort, determination, attitude and potential are also crucial factors. If an athlete is selected to participate, his chances of making the Ultimate 100 increase, but this does not guarantee he will be invited.

Please note: All MVP's are automatically invited except the Strongest Man and Leadership award winners.

I can't make the Ultimate100 in the region closest to me. Can I attend the camp elsewhere?

Yes, you can attend the camp in the location most convenient for you.

When do you give colleges the evaluations of the players at the combines, Ultimate 100 and Top Prospect Camp?

Results and evaluations are sent out on a monthly basis.

Is there a refund if I cannot attend the combine or may I transfer from one event to another?

There are no refunds for any reason.

We no longer transfer athletes, but if you want to attend a different event instead of the one you signed up for please bring your receipt and we will accept you in that event and add you.

If you cannot attend an event you may ask for a credit towards a future event. Credits must be used within the same season purchased.

What is the parents and coaches code of conduct?

The following is NUC's Parents & Coaches Code of Conduct for all events' attendees as well as parents and coaches.

Parental & Coach Code of Conduct

1) Parents are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times while attending a National Underclassmen Combine event. Encourage your son to do his best.  Do not berate others, their kids or coaches running the event. If we feel you are acting in an inappropriate manner, NUC staff reserves the right to eject you and your son from the event.

2) Do not approach or interrupt a coach at anytime during the event about testing elements. If you have a question about the event, please ask at check-in or after the event. If you have an urgent question, please see someone at the front desk or t-shirt counter and leave your question with them, and they will get to it to the appropriate NUC personnel. If it is an emergency (life or death issue or family issues) please have the front desk or t-shirt counter person get the event director immediately.

3) Please do not ask us why we chose one MVP over another athlete. We are evaluating during the whole event and are doing it based on testing, skills and physical size.  We are looking for the best players and the best prospects when choosing MVPs. There are many great athletes who win MVPs, and there are also many great athletes who do not win MVPs but are still invited to the Ultimate 100 Camp. Please be respectful of the winners and applaud when they receive their award.

4) You can expect the results and write-ups to be posted within a month.

5) The event will take time to conduct, and there will be some downtime for the parents. Use that time to meet your peers and enjoy the event.

6) Do not at any time go onto the field of testing.  This is strictly for the athletes and staff running the event.  If we see someone causing a problem, they will immediately be asked to leave the event.

7) You may videotape or take pictures at the event, provided it does not obstruct another parent's view. Do not expect others to move so you can videotape your son. Please be considerate that everyone is interested in viewing the event.

8) If your son is injured at the event and he cannot perform, we would like him to stay and be a part of the event. If his injury is serious and a parent is present, we will allow the parent onto the field of play. We will also take precaution with a serious injury and may call the ambulance if something is seriously injured. Our interest is in the safety of the athlete.

9) If you have to leave the event early for any reason, please see the coach to hand in your card before leaving so we have your results to post.

9a) If your athlete does not have a great day, blaming the timers or the people running the event is not the answer. We are there to help them succeed, but it is also our job to be as accurate as possible. We have seen thousands of cases where athletes, their coaches and parents expected them to run or jump better than they did. Set lofty goals and reach for the stars, but have a grasp on what good times are.

Don't expect a multitude of 4.5 second 40s.  This is rare for college seniors, let alone high school athletes. If your son performs well, encourage him to work harder and improve. If he does not perform up to expectations, evaluate his training, decide how to improve his weaknesses and develop a plan of action to get better. There is always good in everything that your son does; look for the positives. There are many steps along the way to greatness, and our combine is one of them.

10) Enjoy having your son perform at a high level and look forward to his success. We work hard to provide exposure for all the athletes; so let the athletes have their day and enjoy watching your son's hard work and desire pay off.

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