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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

Coach Dave Schuman: NUC Five Star NC Evaluations #21 - #35

Courtesy: David Schuman / National Underclassmen Combine
          Release: March 25, 2013
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#21 Delonzo Williams, North Myrtle Beach, SC,  5-6, 184, RB Class of 2014
Great hands and mobility, very powerful build with excellent speed, very interesting prospect if film matches camp ability

#22 Donnell K Bryan II, Pinewood Prep, SC 5-10, 180, WR Class of 2014
Good feet, good quickness, very good COD in 1 on 1's, amazing fluidity in route running. Great football skills

#23 Kevin Norton, Richmond Senior HS, NC 6-2, 263, OL Class of 2015
Great first step, great fundamentals and powerful. Great upside as guard

#24 Xavier Robinson, North Rowan HS, NC 5-11, 193, LB Class of 2014
Very good feet, very aggressive, great jam on the line. Great explosive power and very good speed. He has a hybrid players size but has great value.

#25  Brandall Riddick, Gates County HS, NC 5-10, 207, RB Class of 2014
Huge back with great hands and excellent speed, must continue to improve footwork but was dominant in 1 on 1's and is a gamer.

#26  Nick Luedeke, Holly Springs HS, NC 6-6, 236, OL Class of 2014
Good hands, lengthy with good feet, has suprising power for his weight, if can gain size his frame is big time D-1, Plays center and is a very interesting sleeper prospect.

#27 Dock Carpening, East Rowan HS, NC, 6-1, 198 LB Class of 2014
Good field speed, powerful and strong, makes a lot of plays and has great potential and toughness.

#28 Charles Mccoy, Atlee HS, VA 6-0, 203,  QB Class of 2014
Great arm, make good decision and good size and good command. Poised QB who is always in control.

#29 Malik Wilson, Eastern Alamance, NC 5-11, 160 WR Class of 2014
Good size with excellent speed to get down the field. Must continue to improve route running skills

#30 Tyrell Fleming, DW Daniel HS, SC 6-0, 212 DL Class of 2014
Great speed and use of agility, if he uses hands that will free him up more. Very powerful, very quick, will probably play LB at next level.

#31 William Coleman, Wando HS, SC 6-3, 185 QB Class of 2015
Getting better every event he goes to. Very good arm and excellent footwork.  Very tall with excellent feet. Good arm strength and will continue to improve. Could become a big time QB.

#32 Ben Jacques, Wando HS, SC 6-6, 200 TE Class of 2015
Very good size and makes plays in 1 on 1's. He will have the size and athletic ability to be a big time D-1 TE, must improve overall athleticism and understanding of body. Great upside.

#33 Terry Lee Whitehead Jr. Garner Magnet HS, NC,  6-0, 240 DL Class of 2014
Agility is very good, great body type, very good explosion off the ball, must be a weakside end but could be a real good one.

#34 Chriss Hassard, West Rowan HS, NC 6-2, 241 OL Class of 2014
Great footwork and quickness, lacks big size and would be a great guard or center in No huddle offense.

#35 Devonte Brown, Saluda HS, SC 6-2, 220 WR/TE/FB Class of 2014
Strong with very good feet and made all kinds of plays in 1 on 1's. Hybrid player who could be great H back, fullback, TE or Big WR. Very interesting prospect.

#35 Bishop Ford, Forestview, NC 5-5, 140 RB, Class of 2015
Lightning fast, great COD and ball skills. Must get more muscle and size to have a chance at D-1 but is explosion is unquestioned.

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