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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

2013 Florida NUC Five-Star - Top Performers Defense

Courtesy: Barry Every / Schuman's National Underclassmen
          Release: March 07, 2013
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2013 Florida Five-Star Showcase
Barry's Top Performers - Defense

Kissimmee, Florida- Over 125 of the Sunshine State's best were on hand for the second annual NUC Florida Five-Star Showcase despite the unseasonably cool weather. Every region of Florida was represented at this extravaganza held at Austin Tindal Park. Each player participated in agility drills, position specific drills, and one-on-ones. Awards were given out to the top players at each position along with naming an Overall MVP and Underclassmen MVP's.

At least 40% of the camp demonstrated the skill set to play at either the FBS of FCS level. Below are the top defensive performers as seen by NUC VP/National Analyst Barry Every. These players shined above all others while demonstrating the size and ability needed to take their talents beyond high school. If this camp is any indication of the talent that will be seen at future NUC Five-Star events then we are in store for a banner year at the National Underclassmen.


Kevin Bronson, Village Academy, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-4-1/2, 233

Assets: This player has what college coaches want in a defensive end. Bronson has the size, length, and the tenacity to be a difference maker on the gridiron. He is quick off the ball and uses his hands to rid offensive lineman impeding his path to the quarterback. His size potential is also something college coaches should get excited about. He can easily hold another 30 pounds of muscle mass on his frame. One thing you can't coach is size and speed this defender has that. Look for his stock to skyrocket because he is definitely a double digit offer guy. Bronson earned DL MVP at this event.

Development: He needs to be more consistent with his pad level at the point of attack. Young tall defensive ends must force themselves to play lower. Once he fills out he will be able to battle the offensive tackle and tight end at the same time.

Offers: UMass

Daikwon Fuse, Dwyer, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-3-1/2, 262

Assets: Right now Fuse has that SDE/DT body that is hard to find. He plays low at the point of attack and has the size and strength to collapse the pocket. His body type is rare while also being very versatile. He proved to be one of the hardest workers in the camp while also being one of the strongest competitors. I really think he could project on either side of the ball so look for his recruiting to pick up soon.

Development: As a pass rusher he needs to add some pass rushing moves to his repertoire. Fuse relied too heavily on the straight up bull rush which doesn't always work at the next level.

John Broome, Plant City, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-2, 221

Assets: Broome is that hybrid LB/DE body that excels as a pass rusher. He may have been the quickest lineman off the ball in this camp. He plays with good pad level allowing him to go underneath the pads of the offensive lineman. I also liked the fire this guy played with. He came to this event with a purpose and he accomplished it by grabbing the attention of all the coaches.

Development: Can he gain the size and weight to be an every down defensive end? Or can he learn to move in space in order to play linebacker. Either way college coaches are always on the lookout for pass rushing specialist.  Pass rushing is definitely Broome's specialty.

Dontriel Perry, Durant, FL (2014)      

Official Size: 6-5-1/2, 222

Assets: Perry is a raw talent that has the frame to grow into a monster-sized defensive end. He is quick off the ball and uses his extremely long arms to keep offensive lineman off his body. His pad level was also very good for being so tall and lanky. College coaches all over the country are looking for defenders with his physical qualifications.

Development: Right now he just needs to hit the weights hard adding quality muscle mass to his frame. This will allow him to use more than his speed and quickness to beat offensive lineman.  The Bottom line is this guy has the raw talent that cannot be developed so look for his recruiting to pick up soon.


Demetris Brown, Durant, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-1, 205

Assets: The first thing that stood out about this backer was his long arms. He used those arms to jam running backs at the line of scrimmage. Brown is fairly fluid in the hips and has the recovery speed to catch backs when beaten. His frame will easily hold the weight needed to play linebacker at the next level. This kid proved to be a high effort competitor willing to learn.

Development: He will need to add an additional 25 pounds of muscle mass while maintaining his overall athleticism. Brown could also work on improving his lateral movement just a tad. One thing is for sure he is a raw talented athlete.

Kain Daub, Sandalwood, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-3, 234

Assets: I have been to hundreds of camps over the last five years. It is not uncommon for high profiled players to not give their all on the camp circuit. First of all Daub proved to be as good as advertised and is very deserving of all his offers. Secondly when not competing in one-on-ones he was helping other linebackers with their technique. That says a lot about a person. Daub is not arrogant and other players gravitate to him for advice. This huge linebacker has the skills to be an elite pass rusher or cover backs of all sizes. He was the easy choice for Overall MVP.

Development: He could work just a on his hip fluidity. This is not uncommon with huge linebackers. Outside of that this kid is the complete package and a FOOTBALL PLAYER!

Offers: He currently has more than 15 DI offers.


Dymond Thomas, Bayside, FL (2014)

 Official Size: 6-1-1/2, 182

Assets: Thomas proved to be one of the more athletic linebackers during agilities and position specific drills. He is a tall lanky athlete that is built like a big safety prospect. I really like his change of direction and high effort. During the one-on-ones he was able to show off his closing speed on underneath routes. He was one of several raw athletes in this camp that have a chance to sign DI.

Development: Can he add the additional weight needed to play linebacker at the FBS level? If not he will need to project as a safety which means working on his backpedal and balance.

Tre' Watson, Tampa Catholic, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-2, 211

Assets: All I can say about this kid is Wow! Watson has the size and growth potential to become a massive linebacker. He is even more impressive as a person and student athlete. Watson was able to show off his lateral quickness and outright speed during agilities. During one-on-ones he used that athleticism with a good dose of power and strength to reroute backs. For his hard work and effort Watson was the easy choice for LB MVP in this camp. I find it unfathomable that he only has one BCS offer at this time. I really think he will blow up and become a 20 plus offer guy before he makes his decision.

Development: He could work on keeping his feet underneath him when jamming receivers. This will allow him to keep his balance when he comes out of his backpedal. There is no doubt about his ability just watch his long highlight tape.

Offers: USF


Denzel Irvin, Foundation Academy, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-0, 162

Assets: Irvin has the height of safety but the skill set of a cover corner. Tall corners are hard to come by and at a premium in recruiting. He was easily one of the more agile defensive backs during agilities. His ability to stay low in his backpedal and pounce out in attack mode is what set him apart from the other competitors. He also has excellent ball skills. And though he is thin right now that did not stop him from being physical at the line of scrimmage with receivers. Irvin won the coaching staff over earning DB MVP at the Florida Five-Star.

Development: Adding more weight is a necessity in order for him to have an impact in stopping the running game. Also he needs to get his film out because most college coaches have probably never heard of Foundation Academy.

Cornelius Jennings, Jr., Jones, FL (2014)

Official Size: 5-10, 168

Assets: This guy has great cover skills. Jennings possesses very good closing speed and he has hips on a swivel. He is at his best in off man coverage coming out of his break to make plays on the ball. He has good height for a college corner prospect and the frame to add more muscle mass. Jones High School is known for producing good athletes and Jennings is not an exception to that rule. Look for his recruiting to take off once his film hits the open market.

Development: At times Jennings struggled against physical receivers. He will need to add about 15-pounds of muscle mass while improving his strength numbers. Nowadays college corners must be able to play tight man coverage. All this is correctable and I expect his recruiting to take off soon.

Quintin Smith, John I Leonard, FL (2015)

Official Size: 6-0, 172

Assets: This young tall corner has all the tools to become a big time prospect. He has the desired height and ball skills to become a difference maker at the next level. Smith looked very fluid in agilities with quick feet and rotating hips. During the one-on-ones he was able to manhandle receivers at the line of scrimmage. Smith also used his long arms to disrupt passing lanes with regularity. He ended up being the defensive Sophomore MVP in this the camp.

Development: Smith likes to take chances playing the ball which is a double edged sword. He could improve his decision making just a tad. His frame is such that he may grow row into a cover safety at the next level. Either way he is surely a major DI prospect.


Other Top Performers: Hassan Bailey, DB, Plant City, FL (2014); Anthony Ellis, DL, Apopka, FL (2014); Jackson Georges, LB, Jones, FL (2014); Nickolas Gonzalez, DB, Hialeah (2014); Kwadarrius Smith, DB, First Academy, FL (2014).


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