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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

2013 Florida NUC Five-Star - Top Performers Offense

Courtesy: Barry Every / Schuman's National Underclassmen
          Release: March 06, 2013
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2013 Florida Five-Star Showcase

Barry's Top Performers - Offense

Kissimmee, Florida- Over 125 of the Sunshine State's best were on hand for the second annual NUC Florida Five-Star Showcase despite the unseasonably cool weather. Every region of Florida was represented at this extravaganza held at Austin Tindal Park. Each player participated in agility drills, position specific drills, and one-on-ones. Awards were given out to the top players at each position along with naming an Overall MVP and Underclassmen MVP's.

At least 40% of the camp demonstrated the skill set to play at either the FBS of FCS level. Below are the top performers as seen by NUC VP/National Analyst Barry Every. These players shined above all others while demonstrating the size and ability needed to take their talents beyond high school. If this camp is any indication of the talent that will be seen at future NUC Five-Star events then we are in store for a banner year at the National Underclassmen.


Deandre Francois, Olympia, FL (2015)

Official Size: 6-0-1/2, 177

Assets: From the get go this signal caller demonstrated a quick release and superior arm strength. Francois was able to hit receivers with regularity as they came out of their breaks. He possesses a nice over the top throwing motion with a wrist flick that allows for consistent spin on his passes. There is not a spot on the field that he cannot reach. His superior performance earned him a share of the Sophomore MVP Award. Look for him to be one the most heavily recruited players from the greater Orlando area.

Development: Francois is a tad on the thin side right now. He will need to add about 20-pounds of muscle mass in order to hold up at the next level. I would also like to see him put a little more zip on his short out routes. Outside of that he has all the tools to blow up over the next two seasons.

Dimitri Levertt, Bartow, FL (2014)

 Official Size: 6-0-1/2, 195

Assets: Leverett possesses the size and athleticism to make those unscripted yards. His skill set is ideal for the spread offense or as a straight up athlete. This guy is a yes sir, no sir player that proved to be extremely coachable. He has a nice over the top throwing motion and excellent velocity on all his passes. He also knows how to finesse the ball over the top when needed. Leverett possesses natural leadership skills and is the type of player that will do anything to help his team win football games. He was honored at this event with the Leadership Award.

Development: He has the skill set to be successful at the next level but it would behoove him to get a personal quarterback coach. At times his release point is late causing the ball to sail below the receiver's waist. I have no doubt that this guy will end up a successful player at the BCS level.

Lee "Bud" Martin, Dillard, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-1/225

Assets: Martin can really hum that ball with the spin of a high powered rifle shot. His release is as quick as it gets, almost Dan Marino-like. The receivers definitely better have their hands up as they come out of the break or they will end up with a sore chest. Martin is not just power thrower as he can drop the ball over the coverage right into the hands of a receiver on the fade routes. His skill set will allow him to move the ball down the field either under center or in the shotgun. He was awarded the QB MVP for his performance on this day.

Development: I would like to see Martin reshape his body just a tad. This will improve his ability to buy more time in the pocket. Because of his 3/4-delivery he will need to make sure he has the correct depth on throws over the middle of the field. There is little doubt about him eventually landing some FBS level offers soon.


Joseph Baker, Seminole, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-0, 203

Assets: Baker made his mark in the one-on-ones and two-on-twos. He used his size and quick feet to create space with the linebackers. For a big back he proved to have extremely soft hands and excellent body control. He had no problems finding the ball thrown over the wrong shoulder. His size is ideal for making yards after contact. This season he will get a chance to show his skill set to college recruiters. It doesn't hurt that he is at one of the most high profile schools in central Florida for talent.

Development: Baker ran a tad high during agilities. I would like to see him work on running with lower pad level thus inflicting his will on would-be-tacklers.

John Hendricks, Jr., Newsome, FL (2014)

Official Size: 5-11-1/2, 201

Assets: Hendricks is an agile big back that can change directions on a dime. He uses his size and change of direction to create enough space for the quarterback to fit the ball in. His hands are exceptional as he catches the ball away from his body every time. Hendricks can get up field after the catch in a blink of an eye. His size is ideal for taking the full impact of tacklers without going down on first contact. His superior effort earned him the RB MVP Award.

Development: He needs to get his film out to college recruiters as soon as possible. Hendricks father has taken a job in Sanford, Florida and will be moving to a new school for his senior year. I think he has what it takes to become an every down back at the FBS level.

Reggie Turner, Miami Jackson, FL (2015)

 Official Size: 5-11, 167

Assets: This all-purpose back may have been the fastest and quickest competitor in the camp. From the get go he weaved, dipped, and glided his way through the agility drills like an ocelot weaving through the jungles of South America chasing prey. During the one-on-ones he used his superior lateral movement to avoid being jammed at the line of scrimmage. Several of the linebackers found themselves falling to the ground while grasping at air. Turner proved to have excellent hands and the skill set to make serious yardage after the catch. For his hard work he was honored as Co-Sophomore MVP.

Development: Right now his only weakness is muscle mass. He will need to gain about 20 more pounds over the next two years in order to become an every down back. The good news is he is athletic and talented enough to project at several positions in college.


Roderick Proctor, Dr. Phillips, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-0-1/2, 160

Assets: Doctor Proctor carved up the secondary with his precise route running. He knows how to sell the route then plant his foot and cut on a dime. Proctor was one of the few receivers that did a great job of not rounding his routes. He possesses excellent speed making him a deep threat while also attacking the ball while it is at its highest point. It was a two horse race for WR MVP and Proctor earned the honors.

Development: At this time Proctor is still rail thin so adding more muscle mass will help him combat bigger corners. It will also enable him to break simple arm tackles and win jump balls. Look for his stock to take off after his recent Arizona Wildcat offer.

Offers: Arizona

Brandon Pylar, TE, University, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-3-1/2, 221

Assets: Pylar earned my Venus Flytrap Award for having the most amazing hands. This tight end is a real go getter that is not afraid to sacrifice his body to make the catch. He uses his powerbase to create space and does not have to be wide open to make the first down catch. Right now his skill set is ideal for being that hybrid tight end that gives defensive backs size problems in the secondary. He ended up being the unanimous choice for TE MVP.

Development: I would like to see him gain another 20 pounds while maintaining his overall athleticism. This will allow him to be an every down tight end that can stay in the game in short yardage. I would also like to implore college coaches to take a look at his highlights on HUDL.

Ryan Sousa, Lake Nona, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-1, 172

Assets: Sousa was the other surgeon of route running in this camp. After several poor routes by other receivers he was able to demonstrate how to come down the line and attack the ball on with his hands. Though he only weighed 172-pounds he looks and plays very physical versus man coverage. Sousa proved to be a deep threat in this camp beating defensive backs off the ball. I also liked his fearlessness of running routes over the middle of the field. He came in a very close second to Proctor for camp WR MVP.

Development: I would like to see Sousa work on his change of direction just a tad. This will only make him more elusive in the open field. Also adding about 15 more pounds will improve his durability in college.

Offers: Sousa has at least a half dozen DI offers at this time.


Wyatt Knopfke, Cardinal Mooney, FL (2015)

Official Size: 6-3, 275

Assets: Every time I see Knopfke he is bigger while maintaining his soft feet. During the one-on-ones he did a nice job with hand placement while moving his feet once engaged with the defender. But the most important physical skill he possesses is that of being a natural hip and knee bender. His frame will allow him to add another 20 pounds making him an ideal prospect to play any of the three interior positions at the next level.

Development: Gradually gain more muscle over time not rushing the process thus adding quality muscle mass. This will allow him to battle huge interior defensive lineman in college. There is little doubt about him being a legit BCS prospect.

Dwayne Williams, Jr., Mulberry, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-3/302

Assets: Williams is one huge interior offensive lineman. He has very little bad body weight and is as physical as they come at the point of attack. He already possesses the size and strength to compete at the next level. Williams plays like his hair is on fire and is not afraid to compete against defensive lineman worth their weight. Once he locks his huge paws on a defender and sits in the chair the defenders are completely stonewalled.

Development: He does not need to add any more size. Williams can work on his lateral quickness which should help him redirect when needed during pass protection. College coaches need to look on a map for Mulberry, Florida. It's not the biggest school but they may have the biggest most athletic true run mashing guard in the Sunshine State.

Isaiah Wynn, Lakewood, FL (2014)

Official Size: 6-3-1/2, 268

Assets: Wynn was the most athletic offensive lineman of the bunch. Though he still lacks a tad of size in the powerbase region he made up for it by being a natural hip and knee bender with the feet of a ballet dancer. He used excellent hand placement and constant foot movement to counter any pass rushing move. His overall athleticism will come in handy because he could fill in at almost any position along the offensive line. No offensive tackle at this event thwarted more pass rushing ends than this guy. He was the easy choice for OL MVP. It is no wonder he already has more than a dozen offers.

Development: He will need to add about 25 more pounds of muscle mass especially in the lower body. Adding more size to his powerbase will only improve his durability and make him a better run blocker at the point of attack. Look for his offer list to continue to rise.

Offers: Wynn has over a dozen DI offers at this time.

Other Top Performers: Crispian Atkins, WR, Durant, FL (2015); Jametrios Bentley, Park Vista, FL (2014); Alex Carswell, TE, Strawberry Crest, FL (2014); DeAngelo Gaines, RB, Winter Haven, FL (2015); Martez Ivey, OL, Apopka, FL (2015); Devin Johnson, WR, Sandalwood, FL (2014); Chris Miller, OL, First Academy, FL (2014); Tre'Quan Smith, WR, Village Academy, FL (2014).

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