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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

U100 Southeast - Top Performers - Day 2: Class of 2014

Courtesy: Barry Every / Schuman's National Underclassmen
          Release: July 03, 2012
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College Park, Georgia- Day two of the SE Ultimate100 held at Bill Badgett Stadium in College Park saw air temperatures swell to 105 degrees.  But that did not stop the over 280 participants from around the Southeast region of the country from showing off their football skills. Every participant took part in a combine, individual drills, one-on-ones, and a 7-on-7 tournament. Below are some of the top performers judged to have the best chance of playing college at the next level at his stage in their careers. NUC National Analyst, Barry Every, breaks down why these top performers stood out at the SE Ultimate100.


 Khari Blasingame, DB, Buckhorn, AL (2014)

Testing: 5-11-1/2, 185, 4.59 40, 4.31 shuttle, 35-inch vertical, 16x155-pounds, 9-11 BJ

Assets: Blasingame already has the size and overall athleticism that college coaches like their safeties. He looks low and balanced in his backpedal and he eats up huge chunks of yardage with his long elegant strides. He put in a dominant performance from start to finish which was tough considering the weather conditions. His superior effort earned him DB MVP.

Development: If you are a DI college coach in the Southeast you really need to get this prospect in your one-day camp before the summer is over. The area he needs to improve upon is playing in off man coverage by doing a better job of reading the quarterbacks eyes. Outside of that he is a superior athlete.


Leslie Collins, RB, Kentwood, LA (2014)

Testing: 5-8, 161, 4.4 40, 4.43 shuttle, 30-inch vertical

Assets: Collins was impressive on both sides of the ball on Saturday. He is very quick and has exceptional change of direction. And though he came here as a running back he looked natural backpedaling and making plays on the ball at defensive back. Collins has long arms and the skill set that may allow him to project as a slot receiver, cornerback, or all-purpose back. Though he did not win an award he was considered one of the top RB performers by his position coach.

Development: Collins is still a bit light in the britches and needs to add about 20-pounds of muscle mass. This should help him get more yards after contact and improve durability. If he grows another inch he will make a great cover corner.


Austin Gatewood, LB, East Hamilton, TN (2014)

Testing: 6-0, 201, 4.8 40, 4.26 shuttle, 28-inch vertical

Assets: This linebacker really caught my eye during individual position work with his change of directions and ball skills. Then during one-on-ones he was able to re-route backs with a powerful jam at the line of scrimmage. His dominate play during the one-on-ones really disrupted the quarterbacks with their decision making. Though Gatewood did not win an award he was definitely considered one of the top performers by his position coach.

Development: I really think this prospect has a bright future. If he continues to add quality muscle mass while maintaining his overall athleticism he will make a great inside linebacker in college.


Justin Jones, OL, South Cobb, GA (2014)

Testing: 6-2, 262, 5.16 40, 4.68 shuttle, 22.5-inch vertical

Assets: Jones is one of the most athletic linemen I have seen this year. He is a natural hip and knee bender that possesses long arms. He looks like a ballet dancer moving with grace and precision during pass protection. I also liked how he took reps during the one-on-ones on both sides of the ball. He ended up being ranked the #2 offensive linemen in this camp.

Development: He needs to work on adding some upper body mass which will help him combat massive interior defensive lineman. Jones is another prospect that college coaches need to get into their one-day camp before the summer is over.


Dimitri Leverett, QB/ATH, Bartow, FL (2014)

Testing: 6-0, 198, 4.64 40, 4.45 shuttle, 31-inch vertical, 32x155-pounds, 9-2 BJ

Assets: Leverett was one of the most fiery and exciting players to watch in this camp. He not only came here to show off his football skills but his versatility and toughness. He took reps at quarterback and receiver during the one-on-ones not resting between reps. He clearly has good leadership skills and could be successful at receiver or quarterback at the next level. He also had a dominating performance during the 7-on-7 tournament playing both positions. His effort did not go unnoticed as he won the QB MVP award.

Development: As a quarterback he needs to work on keeping his depth in the pocket in order to have bigger windows to throw through. His skill set as a quarterback would be best served in the spread offense. I believe his best position at the next level will either be slot receiver or safety.


Collin Lisa, WR, Chattahoochee, GA (2014)

Testing: 5-9, 181, 4.37 shuttle, 30-inch vertical, 24x155-pounds

Assets: No receiver in this camp ran sharper routes than this technician. Lisa also possesses excellent hands and body control. He can contort his body in any direction to make plays on poorly thrown balls. Lisa also has superior lower body structure which is ideal for making yards after contact. His precise route running left defensive backs corkscrewed into the ground. Receivers Coach Jayson Swain had no other choice but to honor this baller with the WR MVP Award.

Development: Lisa has good speed but in order to be considered an elite WR prospect he will need to improve his homerun speed. Either way he is still a solid slot receiver prospect in my opinion.


Aaron Maher, QB/ATH, Brentwood, TN (2014)

Testing: 6-2-1/2, 200, 4.59 40, 4.21 shuttle, 28-inch vertical, 30x155-pounds

Assets: Maher came to this event to work out at quarterback. But it was his dominating performance as a receiver in the 7-on-7 tournament that caught the eyes of the NUC Coaching staff. He displayed the speed to get behind defensive backs and the body control to make plays on badly thrown balls. Maher did a great job of attacking the ball with his hands. He single handedly won the 7-on7 tournament for the white team. For his herculean effort he was honored with the Dodie Donnell award which goes to the best on the field player.

Development: This southpaw needs to work on holding the ball higher while squaring up to his intended target. I really think his best position right now would be as a hybrid receiver/tight end.


Austin Mansell, LB, Walker, AL (2014)

Testing: 6-0, 219, 4.69 40, 4.69 shuttle, 36x155-pounds, 9-0 BJ

Assets: Mansell is one really jacked linebacker that possesses superior strength and athleticism. His position coach was raving about him from the start because he had good hips in coverage and a powerful jam at the line of scrimmage. He was able to keep backs from running free across the middle during the 7-on-7 tournament. His hard work paid off in these unbearable weather conditions as he was awarded LB MVP.

Development: His size and skill set remind me of fellow Alabama native and current Texas Tech linebacker Blake Dees. If he continues to add muscle mass while maintaining his speed and quickness he should make a solid inside linebacker at the next level.


Jarrett Mitchell, RB, Kubasaki, Okinawa, Japan (2014)

Testing: 5-8, 181, 4.45 40, 4.13 shuttle, 35-inch vertical, 20x155-pounds, 9-8 BJ

Assets: Mitchell brought his "A" game to the SE Ultiame100 on Saturday. Not only did he test off the charts he outworked almost every competitor in this camp. He was near impossible to cover during the one-on-ones while making catch after catch. He has excellent change of direction and acceleration for a running back. He also has superior overall body structure. In the end Mitchell proved it does not matter where you play your high school ball at if you work hard you will be noticed. He was the easy choice for RB MVP at this camp.

Development: The area he needs the biggest improvement in is visibility. It will be a tad tougher for college coaches to actually see him play live. So he needs to hit a bunch of one day camps before he heads back to Japan.


Sione Palelei, RB, East Ascension, LA (2014)

Testing: 5-9, 188, 4.4 40, 4.1 shuttle, 34.5-inch vertical, 36x155-pounds, 9-10 BJ

Assets: The testing numbers that he put up on this day are some of the sickest I have ever seen. I knew from his performance at the SE 5-Star Showcase he was good but not this good. He is one rocked up back that has homerun speed, great acceleration, and the strength to bounce off linebackers. If college coaches have not seen his film yet they need to google his name ASAP. He is not an all-purpose back but an every down back that can either make you miss or run you over. The long trip to College Park, Georgia paid off for Palelei as he received the highest honor Overall MVP.

Development: The only area I saw that he may need to work on is his body control as a receiver out of the backfield. He already has verbal offers from Alabama and LSU and you can expect that to continue to grow at an insane pace.


Kamryn Pettway, RB, Prattville, AL (2014)

Testing: 5-11-1/2, 220, 4.58 40, 4.51 shuttle, 34x155-pounds, 9-5 BJ

Assets: I just love the size and athleticism this young back possesses. He looks like a monster standing beside the other running backs with the ability to run downhill and wear out defenses. Pettway's testing numbers are off the charts for a big back. He also looked very good during individual position work. His skill set will also allow him to project as an athletic linebacker at the next level.

Development: If he wants to become an every down back he needs to work on running sharper routes and improving his ability to adjust to the ball once it is in the air. He is at a very high profile high school so I am sure college coaches will get a chance to see him run roughshod on some unsuspecting team.


Richard Yeargin, III, LB, Chaminade-Madonna, FL (2014)

Testing: 6-3-1/2, 203, 4.63 shuttle, 28.5-inch vertical, 26x155-pounds

Assets: College coaches are looking for linebackers with good length and superior athleticism. Yeargin's frame can easily hold another 30 pounds of muscle mass which will allow him to play every linebacker position at the next level. He possesses excellent lateral movement and runs sideline to sideline like a deer. He was clearly one of the better looking linebackers and performers at this camp.

Development: Right now he is really lean and he will need to add more muscle mass and strength in order to take on offensive lineman. If he can do this while improving his overall speed he could become a major DI recruit.


Marius Young, OL, Hermitage, VA (2014)

Testing: 6-1-1/2, 265, 5.37 40, 4.65 shuttle, 22.5-inch vertical, 24x185-pounds

Assets: Young was not only one of the most athletic offensive linemen in the camp he was the most cerebral. He was able to diagnose his mistakes immediately after the one-on-on reps. Young possesses good size and strength for an offensive center and the toughness to do battle with bigger interior defensive tackles. There is no doubt that this natural hip and knee bender has the skill set to play at the highest level of college football. Young made the long trip to this camp and in turn awarded as the OL MVP.

Development: He really only needs to add about 20-pounds over the next two years to be considered a blue-chip center prospect. Right now it is time for him to hit some one day college camps in his area.

Other Top Performers: Ryan Broskie, OL, Co-Strongest Man Line, Creekside, FL; David Cook, LB, Leadership Award, Cornerstone Academy, FL; Joel Evans, RB, Strongest Man Skill, Southern Durham, NC; Janaro Jackson, DL MVP, Oak Leaf, FL; Jimmy Keys, Jr., DB, Fastest Man, Southwind, TN; Walker Laning, OL, Co-Strongest Man Line; East Henderson, TN; Jakell Mitchell, TE MVP, Opelika, AL; Devon Steptoe, WR, Independence, LA; Myquan Stout, DL, Combine King Line, Carson, NC; Derrick Tindal, DB, Boyd Anderson; J'myiah Vincent, RB, Ben L. Smith, NC.

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