OL/DL Trench Warfare Lineman Challenge Events

Courtesy: National Underclassmen Football Combine Staff
          Release: 02/26/2012
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Check In
  Check in on teams (if enough athletes)
Put in teams of 10 athletes
May use teams of 5 athletes if small group
Athlete May Come with Own Team
Height, Weight Reach
Recruiting Form
Warmup as Group


Timed 20 yard Dash

Obstacle Course
- Weave Through Stand Up Dummies
- Stepover Bags
- Kickslide 10 yards
- Sprint 10 yards

Sled Push/Tire Flip 20 yards
- (add up Times-Lowest Time Total Wins)

Big Circle Race/Pulling Drill Race
- 1 on 1's
- Everyone gets Five Reps Pick 5 for Oline 5 for Dline vs another Team
- Best Team Record Wins contest

Add up all times and lowest time total wins = Team Win

Scoring For Each Event, Awards & Medals

Winning Team Gets 10 Points
2nd Place 6 Points
3rd place 3 Points

Winning Team
Top Peformer 1 on 1's
Top Performer Athletic Events


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Cost for Trench Warfare:

OL/DL Trench Warfare is $59.99 per individual or $199.99 per team.

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