NUC 7v7 Format and Rules

Courtesy: National Underclassmen Football Combine Staff
          Release: 04/08/2011
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Check in:

  • Height, Weight, Reach of all players
  • Must Fill out Athlete Competition Card
  • Must Fill out Recruiting Form (if they havent yet done so)
  • Cards are immediately handed to coach by the team they are on.

Game Length: 25 minutes

Standard Rules Apply

  • Ball Stars at 40 Yard Line Going in
  • 3 downs to get first down. 4 downs to score inside 10 Yard line
  • 6 points for TD
  • 1 point for conversion from 5yard line
  • 2 point for conversion from 10 yard line
  • 1 point for an interception and you get the ball
  • 6 point for an INT returned back to 40 yard line untouched and you get the ball
  • First Downs are at 25 yard line and 10 Yard Line
  • Interference/Holding Penalty on Defense Ball is placed at next first down line
  • Interference Penalty on Offense = Loss of down and five yard loss
  • Offside on offense = loss of down
  • Offsides on defense gain of five yards for offense
  • Illegal formation on offense = loss of down
  • Too many man on field for defense = five yard gain for offense
  • Too many men on field for offense = loss of down
  • Illegal blocking by offense penalty of five yards from the spot of foul and loss of down
  • Any Tackling/ Excessive Contact by Defense ball is placed at next first down marker
  • Warning issued to player for any Tackling or related misconduct
  • 2nd violation of Tackling/Excessive Contact by the same player sit out of rest of game
  • 3rd violation of tackling/excessive contact by the same player thrown out of tournament

Round Robin Tournament:
Each Team will play 3 games total.
Once that is completed you will seed the teams for a single elimination tournament.
Single Elimination Tournament:

  • Only the top 8 teams from the day will make the tournament
  • The other teams will be finished after round robin portion.
  • Tie Breaker format: Best Record > Head to Head Record > Point Differential > Coin Toss
  • Seeded Format and each team plays till they lose


  • Winning Team Gets Medals and Picture
  • Coaches will choose a top ten 7 on 7 player list of tournament and that will be posted on website.


If for any reason there is a weather issue during the 7 on 7 tournament and the tournament is forced to end early, there are no refunds, but we can credit them to a further event. A winner will be declared at that point of the tournament based off tie breaker.
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