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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

Recommend a Player and Get Your Name in the Game

Courtesy: National Underclassmen Football Combine Staff
          Release: October 07, 2010
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Are you a potential top prospect player who's ready to take your game to another level?

Do you coach a player on this level?

Do you know a big time player in a small town?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, here's your opportunity to help put his name on the map through NUC Athletes Database. NUC creates profiles of top players throughout the United States and the world for inclusion in our Athlete Database. This database lists only the top players.  So if you are included, you must be good, and thanks to the NUC Athletes Database recruiting organzations and college coaches will now get to know how good you are.

Getting into the database is free, but NUC must evaluate you to be a top player to get your name in the database. Here's how you can begin the process.  First, please fill out the recommendation sheet by clicking on the link below to recommend a player.

Note: The following are the easiest & quickest ways to becoming a part of the NUC Recruiting System


  • Participate in NUC Events and be a top player or MVP in your grade and position.
  • Qualify and participate in the NUC Ultimate 100 Camp and perform well.
  • Win an MVP at any NUC event; this will automatically get you included.
  • Qualify for the Top Prospect Camp and participate.
  • Be a Top Performer at our Trench Warfare or Air Raid Events.
  • Become a Top Performer at our National Passing Academies. 

To recommend a player or to see a profile search for prospects:

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