Courtesy: National Underclassmen Football Combine Staff
          Release: 11/02/2009
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Barry Every, Former Rivals.com Analyst
"Dear NUC and Coach Schuman,

In the 4 plus years that Rivals.com has been associated with the national underclassmen combine, I have been lucky enough to attend many of them and almost all of the invite camps. First off, there is no other company in the country that has given us such up close interaction with the event and with the athletes directly. We feel as a result, we have an edge over every other company similar to ours because of the unprecedented access and becaus the NUC gets Rivals.com an opportunity to see and evaluate some of the greatest athletes in the country at a much earlier stage. NUC has also grown exponentially, and much more than any other company (in this sector), in the 4 + years that's they have been around. Despite this great success and growth, they are continuing to grow by looking to exceed 60 events by 2010 in over 50 cities across the country which means that they have access to more areas and hidden athletic treasures in the areas that no other company will go. In addition to all that, there is also no comparison to the percentage of d-1 athletes and high level coaches at the events."

Thank you,
Barry Every
National Underclassmen Coordinator, Former Rivals.com Analyst

Dom Espinosa
Dom Espinosa has committed to Texas!

"Without the NUC and the Ultimate 100 Camp and the high ranking my son received, he would have never gotten the early offers and the tremendous exposure." Mr. Espinosa.

Blake Leuders
Dear Coach Schuman,
I just wanted to send you this thank you note. My son, Blake Lueders, participated in your NUC combine as a sophomore in May 2008 in Indianapolis, winning the MVP trophy. I am pleased to report that currently, as of February of his junior year, he has received ten (10) D-1 football scholarship offers (Stanford, Northwestern, Indiana, Iowa, Purdue, North Carolina, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Boston College) with many other school expressing interest. Your combine, and your website posting Blake’s combine results, were very helpful because they provided independent, verifiable statistics for the college coaches to consider. Thank you and best continued success.
Dan Lueders (dad)

Khiry McQuay
Dear Coach Schuman,
"Thanks so much for all your help with my two boys Leon and Khiry, as you know Khiry is the all time award winner at the NUC with more awards than any other athlete, this has helped with his recruiting and confidence...thanks again."

Mr. Leon McQuay

Real Andrews, Advocare
"Hey David, we just got off the Phone . I wanted you to have it in writing . My kids and I thank you for not just being a dreamer but for putting it into action . You have changed many lives and will continue to for many years to come . Like I said . You are a True leader, Difference maker , champion, Warrior . People like yourself are so humble about what they do they sometimes don’t know the effect they have so I didn’t want what you to go un noticed . Like I said could you also pass on the props to your crew .

Finally I am Honored and excited to be a part of the Ultimate event . When you get a second could you let me know details so I can plan accordingly . We need to make sure since this is the Ultimate that we all bring it . I want to make sure I do my part and really make you all proud .

Thanks again for everything you do ." Real Andrews

Keith Farkas
I apologize for the length of the e-mail below.  I wrote it late and should have held it and edited it the next morning to save you the pain. 

Thank you for a great experience at the Ultimate 100 on Saturday.  I commend Matt Yanofsky for his encouragement and advice which significantly influenced Keith's decision to attend, regardless of his injury.  We almost decided not to go because Keith injured his knee last week at an NFL camp at his school.  He felt it would be pointless going to the Ultimate 100 if he could not participate in the testing.

The venue was wonderful. Keith's experience playing with the exceptional athletes that attended the Ultimate 100 made up for the frustration of having to be on the side lines in the morning because of his injury.  His team mates (black shirts) called him Tom (Brady) from the time the team was put together and I'm sure they were concerned how they would fair with a QB that could only  do the bench press.  Their concerns were quickly dissolved as they came out of the first rounds seeded first.

As parents and spectators, the 7 on 7's were awesome to watch despite the pouring rain.  Quite a few life lessons presented themselves through the Ultimate 100 experience.  It must feel great to have such a positive influence on these young men.

Thank you again,

Lynn Farkas

Reed Gordon
Coach Schuman,
I wanted to say thanks for the combine you guys did in Baton Rouge this past weekend. This was our first real combine to attend. My son, Reed Gordon, (tight end) did pretty well I think and really enjoyed the experience. His forty (4.82) was a little slower than usual but still not too bad for a 6’ 3 ½”, 215 pound kid.

Again thanks for putting on such a quality event.

Billy Gordon

Mike Wallace
"Hey David,

Great interview and article on Mike!!! Thanks again for all that you have done for Mike and the countless of other kids that have come through your combines and camps.

Very respectfully,

Big Mike"

Andrew Meredith
"It was during the off season football camps that the elder Meredith became associated with Dave Schuman and Brad Vaccaro of Schuman's National Underclassmen Combines. These two individuals along with the company that they represent helped to focus Meredith on the core skills needed to be recognized as a top college recruit and allowed Meredith to prove his worth, face to face, with the top talent from across the nation. By focusing on enhancing these core skills Meredith has been able to excel at national combines that measure a variety of factors necessary to rank individuals against one another from varying parts of the country. Rivals.com has Meredith ranked as a three-star recruit, with 5.5 rating and ranked as the 71st best defensive back prospect in the nation."

Allen Meredith

  "Hello: Mr. Dave Shuman and Staff,

My name is Fay Grimes out of Miami, Florida Mother of Edwin Roberts#26 from your Combine Attended on Feb. 22, 2009 @ 1pm at Ranson Everglades. I would like to compliment you on the way your Staff conducted the Combine. It was very organized everything was handled remarkably well, and prompt. I would like to extend my personal Thank you to Ms. Andrea Lewis with (registration) for being so patient and very, very helpful with a wonderful personality. Hope to meet with you guys again from my heart continue doing a great Job.

Fay Grimes

Kevin Haplea
"Hi Coach Schuman:

First, wanted to tell you how well we thought you pulled off the East Ultimate 100 event. Really, really big group of kids , but you and the staff did a fine job keeping it moving and under control. Skill 1 on 1's and 7 v 7's got a little disorganized it seemd with the large groups (some kids jumped lines without coaches noticing a lot), but overall, it seemed to go well. Kevin certianly enjoyed all of it and was thrilled to receive the Overall TE award . And Cecil martin was superb to have as a speaker!! For parents and the boys!

Gene Haplea"

  Hey Tony,

I’m just writing to say Hi. I want to thank you for being so nice to my boys and me. We had a great time. We meet such nice people. My boys loved the combine...........

It was so great seeing you again. We had a lot of fun. I am so proud of my boys for making it to that level. We met such wonderful people( staff , boys and parents. We had a great weekend. Please thank all the coaches for us. We truly appreciate them giving their time to help our sons. I am glad you are opening it up for juniors next year. We will definitely see you then.


Mary Naja

Khadree Hooker
"I enjoyed all the combines i attended this year. I learned alot at the top prospect camp and im looking forward to using the tools coach hipps taught me for this upcomming season."

Khadree Hooker

Kameel Jackson
"Whats up Coach Schuman! Any more events going on? Thank you for everything,I feel your Combines& Showcases really helped me gain some needed exposure. I will be back next year for sure!"

Kameel Jackson

Jon Pieterse
"Hey coach i just wanted to thank you for evrything you did for me and my family this combine season. And i will definitley be coming back again next year. I had a couple of questions before i go, first off is the nuc 100 top 5 list going to colleges and two is the top 5 kids going to have something that says they made top 5 on their rivals profile? thank you again"

Jon Pieterse

Ricardo Dixon
"I never really got the chance to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to come and show my skills at your camp. If it wasn't for your camp i wouldn't be as highly touted as I was. Me and my fellow team mate Victor Marc that came and won the MVP awards for best quarterback and best cornerback. We are currently at The University of South Florida. I just wanted to say thank you."

Ricardo Dixon

Nate Scola
"Thanks for the invite sorry we missed you last weekend in Los Angeles. Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for Nate and the confidence you have given him as a leader by attending your combines. Also, the NCSA grant has been a huge asset in many ways for Nate. Thank you for all you have done for all of the kids who attend your combines, you and your coaching staff are GREAT! Keep up the good work, we wish you the very best as you continue to expand your programs into the future. "

Rick Scola

Coach Schuman,
Hey Coach just wanted to email you and say thanks for putting on all the camps of yours I've attended the past few seasons. I wanted to let you know that I've recieved two scholarship offers in the past few months. The first was from Portland State & the second was from The University of New Mexico!

I recently did a phone interview with TheRedMenace.com and mentioned the Ultimate 100 event in Dallas, I thought you'd enjoy hearing that.

Two-a-days just started and I'm having a great time with it. Can't wait for my first game in a few weeks! ttyl


Duran Snoddy
Cypress Fairbanks High School (Cy-Fair)
Class of 2010

Rivals.com Southwest Ultimate 100 Hot 11: 2010 Class

Angelo Perrucci

Coach: Just wanted to drop you a short note concerning my family's experience at the Charleston events that occurred between December 27, 2010 and December 31, 2010. The experience could not have been better. The competition was great. The coaches were accessible, helpful, and positive. The facilities were easy to get to and, since they were in Charleston, provided many other activities for our family over the break. Perhaps, most impressive, was the organizational skills your staff exhibited in pulling so many athletes from all over the globe together for so many fun events. Of course, attending the All World Game was the icing on the cake.

Thanks again, Angelo Perrucci

Wilson Area HS

Ranthony Texada

I just wanted to tell you that you guys probably run the best and most organized combine that I've been too. I attended a camp where people testing were through the roof. It was ridiculous. They had lineman running 4.10 shuttle and jumping 35 inch verticals. I just wanted to say keep doing a good job. The combine is growing really fast.

Ranthony Texada, Centennial HS

Sam Harvill

Thank you, Coach Schuman! Your combines were by far the best in the world, and has helped me in this college process. I plan on keeping in touch. Thanks again

From Sam Harvill, Signed LOI with Kansas State

Brandon Lukenbill

I wanted to thank you for bring the NUC Combine to Seattle. Your combine allowed me to showcase my talents and be validated in my abilities through your testing and coaches. I am honored to have received the NUC MVP award, Combine King, and fastest 40 award. Unlike some of the other competitors I do not have letters to any schools, so it was important to me to get my name out there. I especially enjoyed our interview and hope the some coaches out there will see it and maybe take notice of me.

Brandon Lukenbill, Emerald Ridge H.S.

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