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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

NUC Ultimate 100: Southeast Top Performers Day 3

Courtesy: Barry Every / Schuman's National Underclassmen
          Release: June 20, 2013
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2013 Southeast Ultimate 100

Day 3 - (Class of 2014)

Barry's Top Performers

Marietta, Georgia- It's always exciting watching the rising seniors compete. Most of them are either looking for more offers or their first offer so the completion can be spirited and fierce. On this day nearly 200 players from around the Southeast were on hand to prove they have what it takes to get to the next level.

Each participant took part in combine testing, position specific drills and one-on-ones in the morning session. In the afternoon session the skilled positions took part in a six team 7-on-7 tournament. While the big men continued to battle like gladiators going toe-to-toe during pass rushing one-on-ones.

Below are those athletes that caught the watchful eye of NUC National Analyst Barry Every. The Top Performers were selected based on their size, testing numbers and potential to extend their football careers beyond high school. The players are listed by position then in alphabetical order.

Several of these player not having offers is just plain mind boggling. We at the NUC hope to shed some light on the truth about what some of these athletes can do at the next level!



Brewer Hicklen, QB, Hunstville, AL (2014)
Testing: 6-2/190, 4.59 40, 4.17 Shuttle, 32.5 Vertical

Assets: Hicklen had a great day of testing posting some of the best numbers of the day. He definitely has what it takes to be considered a dual-threat quarterback. But it was not his athleticism that really struck my fancy but his accuracy and throwing mechanics during the one-on-ones. He has excellent size and the arm strength to hit all parts of the field. He continued his hot hand into the 7-on-7 tournament with a touchdown bomb on the first play from scrimmage. He hit the streaking receiver on the run for a quick score. He definitely has what it takes to play either DI or high FCS football at the next level.

Development: Hicklen just needs more reps having only started half the season last year. These reps will only convert to more consistency allowing him to drive his team down the field by taking what is given.

Bud Martin, QB, Dillard, FL (2014)
Testing: 6-1/221

Assets: Simply put Martin had the best day of any quarterback I have seen this year. He has one of the quickest releases I have seen, similar to Matthew Stafford. The ball comes out of his hand with a quick wrist flick and gets to its intended target in a hurry. Martin also knows when to take some zip off the ball when needed. Seldom was he not on the money with his throws during the one-on-ones and 7-on-7 tournament. He definitely sees the whole field and knows how to throw the back shoulder ball effectively. But what really did it for me was when he rolled to his left and delivered a bullet pass for a key first down in the only place the receiver could have caught it. He was the easy choice for QB MVP.

Development: He needs to be leery of his weight and work on becoming a better athlete in order to buy more time in the pocket. Outside of that he is by far the most underrated signal caller in the country. I will go on record and say he is a better quarterback than half of the kids that have committed to BCS schools already.

Austin Pires, QB, Ardrey Kell, NC (2014)
Testing: 6-1/180, 28 Vertical

Assets: Pires was definitely one of the more consistent signal callers on the day. He has very good throwing mechanics as he comes over the top with good wrist pronation. I like the fact that he was one of the few if not the only quarterback to take snaps under center. He gets good depth on his drops and does a nice job of striding towards his intended target. Pires was honored with the Leadership Award and the Coaches Special Recognition Award.

Development: This will be his first year as the starter at the varsity level. So he is behind the eight ball when it comes to being evaluated as a quarterback. He may want to hit a series of FCS camps to get further recognition.

Harris Roberts, QB, North Forsyth, GA (2014)
Testing: 6-3/173, 4.81 40, 4.42 Shuttle, 29 vertical

Assets: Roberts started off a tad slow struggling with consistent spin. But by the time one-on-ones came around he was on fire. He threw the most beautiful and accurate deep ball of any quarterback in the camp. He has excellent height and a frame that can easily hold more weight. You combine all this with his above average athleticism and he can play in almost any offense at the next level. This was one of the best senior quarterback groups I have seen all year.

Development: He has to be consistent squaring up his shoulders towards his intended target. Roberts must keep that elbow up around shoulder level so the passes to the boundary don't sail high.


Running Backs

Walter Roberson, RB, Dutch Fork, SC (2014)

Testing: 5-8/187, 4.51 40, 4.23 Shuttle, 30 Vertical, 9-1 BJ, 18 reps 185

Assets: This powerfully built all-purpose back had a tremendous day testing. He demonstrated excellent change of direction during individual position drills and ran with natural forward body lean. During the one-on-ones he proved a very adept route runner that could attack the ball with his hands. But it was during the 7-on-7 tournament that he stood out over all the other campers. He took most of his reps at receiver showing off a great burst beating defensive backs deep down the sideline. Roberson then was able to adjust to the ball once it was thrown. On more than one occasion he made spectacular over the shoulder catches on the run. For his effort he earned the camps highest honorsOverall MVP.

Development: It is really hard to believe that Roberson does not have any DI offers at this time. Maybe it is because he played linebacker half the season for Dutch Fork. I know this he could easily project as a slot receiver or a running back in college. It's time for him to hit some one day camps at colleges.


Jarrett Mitchell, RB, Kubasaki, Japan (2014)
Testing: 5-8.5/182, 4.53 40, 4.42 Shuttle, 35.5 Vertical, 9-8 BJ, 17 reps 185

Assets: I would definitely define this dynamo as a true sleeper. Mitchell was able to demonstrate his top end speed and quick burst during individual position work. He runs with excellent forward body lean and can change directions on a dime. His body structure is built for carrying the ball at least 20 times a game at the next level. Hopefully this summer he will finally walk away with a major DI offer after a thorough camp circuit. Mitchell was awarded the RB MVP making him one of the most decorated NUC participants ever.

Development: He has good hands but he could work on being a more fluid route runner. Any college looking for a steal at running back needs to take a good hard look at this kid! He is very coachable and of high character.


Tight Ends/Wide Receivers

Jarviel Hart, WR, Avon Park, FL (2014)
Testing: 5-9/150, 4.6 40, 4.56 Shuttle, 30.5 Vertical, 17 reps 185

Assets: This former cornerback came to this camp to work out as a receiver only to walk away with the highest honor for the position. Hart ran sharp crisp routes coming out of his breaks attacking the football. He was also willing to sacrifice his body to dig out balls thrown either low or wide of the target. But what really stood out about his receiver was his uncanny body control and ability to make the circus catch look mundane. For his efforts he earned WR MVP.

Development: Hart probably made a wise decision moving from cornerback to receiver. Most college coaches may consider him too small at defensive back. If he can continue to add muscle mass he could make a quality DI slot receiver.

James Traylor, TE, Columbus, GA (2014)
Testing: 6-3/207, 4.76 40, 4.35 Shuttle, 34.5 Vertical

Assets: Traylor has a great frame for a hybrid TE/WR and he can jump out of the building. This means he used his size to deflate the egos of smaller defensive backs. Traylor has excellent lower body structure. He was not afraid to make plays in traffic during 7-on-7 becoming a go to target for his team. He is also dangerous after the catch possessing enough change of direction to make defenders miss in the open field. And that is why this he earned the TE MVP award in this camp.

Development: I would like to see him add more upper body muscle mass. This will help him get off press man and become a more effective blocker in the running game. Look for his stock to take off soon he is a gifted athlete with his priorities in order.


Offensive Linemen

Xavier Greenfield, OL, Magna Vista, VA (2014)
Testing: 6-0/275 5.5 40, 4.9 Shuttle, 23.5 vertical, 17 reps 185

Assets: I know what most people are saying. Greenfield is just a tad too small for DI football. This kid has worn out defensive lineman for three years at NUC camps. He has great punch and plays with good pad level. But what makes him special is his ability to move his feet once engaged with a defender. This kid plays with the passion of a gridiron warrior. I definitely think he could make an ideal center or guard at the high FCS level.

Development: Right now he feels more comfortable working out at offensive tackle. I would like to see him compete as a guard and work on snapping at further camps. This will surely make him more attractive to college coaches.

Greggory Storey, OL, Panther Creek, NC (2014)
Testing: 6-5.5/311, 5.03 40, 4.91 Shuttle, 23.5 Vertical, 8-0 BJ, 17 reps 185

Assets: Well one thing is for sure this kid is still an athletic giant. There is no doubt about him having the skills to develop into a major DI right offensive tackle but at this time he is just so raw. This fall will only be his second year of football so hitting as many camps while possibly hiring a trainer would behoove him. I did see some improvement in his technique from just two weeks prior. He is beginning to understand the importance of getting his hands up into the numbers of the defenders. If he can continue to increase his knowledge of the game he will make some college offensive line coach very happy.

Development: He needs to continue to get quality one-on-one coaching. This can only be done by continuing his camp whirlwind. Storey is just clay waiting to be molded into a masterpiece.

Evan Strickland, OL, Long County, GA (2014)
Testing: 6-3.5/285, 5.42 40, 21.5 Vertical, 20 reps 185

Assets: Strickland has excellent overall size and strength. His lower body has no bad body weight and it's where he gets his strength and power to move defenders. He took most of his reps at offensive tackle in this camp. But when he moved to center he was unbeatable in the one-on-ones. He is clearly a natural hip and knee bender with excellent arm length for an interior offensive line prospect. He has a definite chance of playing DI football at the very least high FCS.

Development: When Strickland pass sets he needs to drop straight back and not open up the inside lane. He can work on getting more extension on his punches keeping defenders off his body.



David Cook, LB, Cornerstone Academy, FL (2014)
Testing: 6-0.5/195, 4.61 40, 4.38 Shuttle, 30 Vertical, 9-4 BJ

Assets: This player was so athletic moving around on the field I thought he was a safety. His testing numbers are spectacular for a linebacker. He proved to be very coachable and was able to get excellent depth on his drops. He has enough flexibility and recovery speed to turn and chase when beaten off the ball. Cook took each rep with unbridled passion never giving up on a play during one-on-ones and 7-on-7 and that is why he won the LB MVP award.

Development: Cook plays 7-Man football. Yes 7-man, I had never heard of it either. This may be a bugaboo for some college coaches so it is imperative that he hit as many college camps as possible to show off his athleticism.


Defensive Backs/Athletes

Joseph Ray, DB, Central, AL (2014)
Testing: 5-10.5/170

Assets: Ray is a technician as far as cover skills go. He plays with good leverage during press man and he has the hips to turn and run with receivers going deep. He has excellent ball skills for a defensive back and his backpedal is as smooth and balanced as silk. This is the second NUC camp he has shined at by dominating receivers. He earned DB MVP again!

Development: His size and testing numbers suggest that he may be a tweener cornerback/safety. This means improving his top end speed to play corner or adding additional muscle mass to become that hard hitting intimidator in the deep third of the defense.

Mook Reynolds, DB, Northern Guilford, NC (2015)
Testing: 5-10, 161, 28 Vertical

Assets: Reynolds could not make day two of the SE Ultimate100 so he decided to try his hand going against the rising seniors. He more than held his own taking reps all day long as a corner and receiver. Reynolds has a nice smooth backpedal to go with long arms ideal for playing cornerback. He is also a proficient route runner as a receiver. During the 7-on-7 he recorded more than one pick and scored several touchdowns. By doing this he earned the Dodie Donnell Award for the best all-around player on the day.

Development: Reynolds is still a tad thin and adding more muscle mass will not only make him stronger but improve his top end speed. I love the fire that he competes with and any downfalls he makes up for with enthusiasm and a high football IQ. He knows where he is on the field at all times.

Delwyn Torbert, DB, Auburn, AL (2014)
Testing: 6-1/184, 4.56 40, 4.5 Shuttle, 30 Vertical

Assets: Whatever I write about Delwyn goes ditto for Selwyn. They are identical twins that are exactly the same size and athletic ability. But what set these guys apart from the completion is their unbridled enthusiasm for the game of football. Selwyn has excellent overall body structure and excellent field awareness in the secondary. They can cover huge chunks of real estate in the secondary in a blink of an eye. Their skill set is ideal for playing strong safety and on coverage teams. They both currently have an offer from Western Kentucky.

Development: They could work on attacking errant passes with their hands making them difference makers. As far as coverage skills Delwyn can work on staying lower in his backpedal allowing him to pounce out like an ocelot. I expect their stock to rise and I would bet my bottom dollar that they are a package deal.

Selwyn Torbert, DB, Auburn, AL (2014)
Testing: 6-1/187, 4.55 40, 4.38 Shuttle, 30.5 Vertical

Assets: I guess you can say that Selwyn is the more athletic twin but that would be cutting fine hairs. Like his brother he plays with a passion seldom seen in a football camp. They come to compete and dominate the competition. He broke up several passes using his long arms to knock balls away from the intended target.

Development: Selwyn needs to work on the same things as his brother.  A smoother backpedal and attacking the ball with his hands will go a long way to becoming the complete safety prospect.

Other Top Performers: Josh Bonfalvy, TE, Strongest Man Skill, West Johnston, NC (2014); Gus Deviney, OL, Strongest Man Line, Cherryville, NC (2014); Markel Jones, ATH, Fastest Man, Georgia Military, GA (2014); Elisha Lee, DL MVP, Baker County, FL (2014); Ronnie Reed, WR, Combine King Skill, Saraland, AL (2014); Brandon Thomas, DL, Combine King Line; North Augusta, SC (2014).

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