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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

2013 NUC South Five-Star - Top Performers Offense

Courtesy: Barry Every / Schuman's National Underclassmen
          Release: April 18, 2013
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2013 South Five-Star Showcase
Barry's Top Performers
- Offense

Marietta, Georgia- Approximately 250 athletes from around the southeast region of the country were on hand to showcase their skills.  The NUC Five-Star Extravaganza took place this past Sunday on the pristine campus of Lassiter High School. Each athlete took part in agility drills, individual position work and one-on-ones.

The two position groups that really stood out at this camp were receivers and offensive linemen. Despite the wet weather several of the wide outs were able to flash their speed and soft hands. One receiver that separated himself from his peers was 2015 Stephenson star Isaiah Zuber.

The Big Uglies as I affectionately call them came here with a real attitude and something to prove. This group was steeped in talent. But no one stood out more than Tyler Jones of Stephenson, GA. This athletic offensive lineman has a powerful punch and feet that would make Fred Astaire jealous.

Below are those athletes, as seen by NUC National Analyst Barry Every, that stood out amongst their peers. Several states were represented as award winners on the offensive side of the ball. Seven award winners were from Georgia and four from Georgia Alabama.


Seth Franks, Brookwood, AL (2015)

Official Size: 6-0-1/2, 176

Assets: Franks caught my eye early on in the camp during individual position drills. He has a nice smooth throwing motion that is repetitive on every throw that he makes. The ball comes out of his hand with good velocity and spin. During the two-on-twos he was able to throw on time while the receiver was coming out of his break. His accuracy and touch are what really set him apart from the other signal callers. He was the least affected thrower despite the rainy weather. In my opinion he had the strongest showing of any signal caller in this camp regardless of grad year. For his strong day he earned Sophomore QB MVP.

Development: Franks is a tad on the thin side at this time. He will need to add additional muscle mass and strength in order to hold up at the next level. His release is a tad long as he drops the ball as he cocks his arm. He has the moxie and mental toughness to become a legit DI signal caller.

Taz Wilson, Chattahoochee, GA (2014)

Official Size: 6-3, 190

Assets: The first thing that stands out about Mr. Wilson is his overall size and frame. He stands tall in the pocket allowing him to survey the entire field. His arm strength is above average and he possesses a short compact throwing motion. This will be his first year as the starter at Chattahoochee but he has the physical makeup and mental toughness to make an instant splash for the Cougars. Coach Reggie Ball felt this kid possessed great leadership abilities instilling confidence in his fellow players. For his strong performance he earned QB MVP and the Leadership Award.

Development: Wilson has all the tools but lacks the game experience. He needs to work on consistently getting good depth while throwing on time. The more camps he attends the better this kid will become.



Korey Charles, Lincoln, FL (2016)

Official Size: 5-10, 170

Assets: It's hard to fathom that this young prospect is just a freshman. He has a great frame for adding additional muscle mass. During agilities Charles was able to show off his quick twitch muscle fiber accelerating like a fined tuned sports car. Charles has excellent top end speed as he was able to blow by a majority of the linebackers in this camp during one-on-ones. His size and skill set also make him an excellent kick return specialist. Charles was named Co-Freshman RB MVP.

Development: One area he could improve upon is his lateral movement and change of direction. He seemed a tad mechanical when attacking the ball. But, no worries this young stud has three more years to hone his skill set.


Gad Nagba, Science Hill, TN (2014)

Official Size: 5-8, 211

Assets: Nagba is a huge muscular bowling ball of a back making him ideal for making yards after contact. For a thick back he demonstrated very quick feet and moved with nice natural forward body lean. During the one-on-ones he was able to use his size and lower center of gravity to bounce off linebackers while keeping his balance. He then flashed very softy hands. He has the skills set to become the perfect B-Back in the triple option attack. For his hard work he earned a piece of the RB MVP award.

Development: Most of his film is of him playing linebacker. He would be considered too short by most DI coaches to play that at the next level. One thing is for sure though he is not afraid of contact. This means he needs to get in front of college coaches to show off his offensive skill set. I would highly recommend going to Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Wofford or The Citadel football camps.


Tre' Nation, Leeds, AL (2016)

Official Size: 5-10, 200

Assets: This kid is already one great running back prospect. He possesses the ideal size to become an every down back at the next level. He has excellent change of direction and can really accelerate out of his breaks. He used his size, strength, and athleticism to befuddle the linebackers in this camp during the one-on-ones. I really like the combination of size and speed he possesses. He may have been the top running back prospect in this camp regardless of grad year. For his strong performance from start to finish he earned the Co-Freshman MVP.

Development: I'm being a tad picky but Nation could add more muscle mass to his lower body. This will enable him to step in and out of simple arm tackles. Make no bones about if he continues on his current track he will become one of the most coveted players in the Southeast for the Class of 2016.

Johnathan Rattcliffe, Tarrant, AL (2014)

Official Size: 5-9-1/2, 164

Assets: Rattcliffe may not be the biggest back but his muscular structure screams symmetry. He was able to shine during agilities using excellent balance, change of direction, and speed to whip through and around the cones. He is the definition of an all-purpose back. A back that is dangerous in space and a serious pass receivingthreat out of the back field. What really set him apart from other backs was his ability to run precise routes than high point the ball not allowing the linebackers to make a play on the ball. His strong performance earned him a share of the RB MVP award.

Development: Ideally he will need to add another 15 pounds to help with pass protection and durability. Right now he has no offers so getting to some one day camps is imperative to his future. College coaches need to see this Whirling Dervish in person.


Raylen Elzy, Stephenson, GA (2014)

Official Size: 6-4, 201

Assets: The first thing that stands out about this receiver is his overall size. Elzy proved to be a proficient route runner while also displaying the ability to adjust to the ball once it is in the air. He does a nice job of catching the ball away from his body not allowing the defender to make a play. And though the weather was not ideal for making plays due to rain Elzy was able to stand out amongst his peers.

Development: Elzy could work on his top end speed just a tad while using his hands more to rid defenders from jamming him at the line of scrimmage. Let's face it this guy is huge and he causes serious mismatch problems for smaller defensive backs.


Jalen Harris, St. James, AL (2015)

Official Size: 6-4-1/2, 250

Assets: Harris is one big target for signal callers. His lower body and powerbase are huge yet muscular and he is able to use this to his advantage when screening off defenders. For a big tight end he runs good routes and gets his head around in plenty of time to make a play on the ball. During the one-on-ones he flashed soft hands and the willingness to really go down and get the low ball. Don't be surprised if he does not grow into a blue-chip offensive line prospect. For his strong day he earned Sophomore TE MVP.

Development: Harris really wants to play tight end at the next level but his frame and size potential may end up taking him on another path. I'm not saying he cannot play tight end in college just that he may want to have an open mind. His skill set and potential as an offensive tackle are off the charts. As a tight end he will always be fighting his weight and he will need to improve his top end speed just a tad.


Tyler Norris, Dobyns-Bennett, TN (2015)

Official Size: 6-4, 224

Assets: Norris has excellent overall size for a young tight end while possessing soft hands. He was able to run good routes and attack the ball at its highest point. His ability to haul in passes near the boundary while dragging his feet in bounds demonstrated excellent body control. Norris was able to make catches even when covered using his backside to screen off defenders.

Development: He is a pretty good tight end considering the fact that he was an offensive lineman in his younger football days. That tells me he is still growing into his body and will only become more athletic. Norris can work on improving his top end speed giving him the ability to stretch the field.


Eric Reeves, Thompson, AL (2014)

Official Size: 5-9-1/2, 160

Assets: I really thought this athlete had one of the best days in possibly the deepest group of athletes at the NUC South Five-Star Showcase. Every time I looked up Reeves was hauling in a pass while in full stride. He demonstrated excellent body control and soft hands. His top end speed was too much for several of the defensive backs to handle. This guy really stretched the field on his day while also making catches in traffic.

Development: This guy has deceptive speed and quickness and that is strange. Reeves' runs awkwardly swinging his shoulders from side to side. If he could improve his running form then watch out! Because he is already fast.


Romello Shumake, ML King, GA (2014)

Official Size: 5-10, 160

Assets: Shumake used straight up speed and hands of glue to beat up defensive backs. He may not be the biggest receiver but he proved near impossible to jam at the line of scrimmage. If the defensive backs missed him he was surely stretching the field leaving them in his wake. His ability to attack the ball with his hands away from his body enables him to make serious yards after the catch. His skill set is ideal for becoming a slot receiver at the next level. On this day he was honored as the WR MVP.

Development: You hear a lot about ML King prospects, but not Shumake. He has to get to some one day camps at colleges looking for slot receivers. Adding additional muscle mass will help him as a run blocker and with durability running routes over the middle of the field.


Ari Werts, Stephenson, GA (2014)

Official Size: 6-4-1/2, 200

Assets: You can tell this is a guy that the Stephenson coaching staff got off the hardwood. Werts does a great job of attacking the ball like grabbing a rebound off a missed shot. He ran very good routes and used his length to shield off defenders. He also did a nice job of making catches when covered displaying good concentration. Let's face it the Hybrid tight end is the in thing in college football and that is exactly what Werts is. For his effort he was honored as TE MVP.

Development: Even though he is considered a hybrid tight end he will need to add about 20 pounds of muscle mass. That is going to be hard for him to do as long as he still plays basketball. That extra weight will help him become a more devastating blocker as well as holding up between the hashes.

Offers: Six plus DI offers


Isaiah Zuber, Stephenson, GA (2015)

Official Size: 5-11, 160

Assets: Let's cut to the chase no receiver impressed me more than Isaiah Zuber. He ran routes as precise as a diamond cutter creating a multifaceted gem in Antwerp, Belgium. But it was not just his route running; his ability to come back to the ball snatching it out of the air with precise timing was a work of art. Then in one smooth motion he was able to get vertical in a hurry. Zuber was able to make the tough catch look routine and he did this from start to finish in this camp. In my mind he should have been considered for Overall MVP. He did not walk away empty handed as he won Sophomore WR MVP.

Development: This kid came into this camp to prove he is not just another good athlete on a great team. He accomplished that goal in my opinion. Now he just needs to add about 20 pounds of muscle mass while maintaining his overall athleticism.

Offers: Charlotte and Old Dominion


Trey Derouen, Parkview, GA (2015)

Official Size: 6-3-1/2, 315

Assets: Derouen already possesses the ideal size for an offensive guard prospect at the next level. He has a great power base perfect for anchoring down while defensive linemen try to inflict their punishment on him. He does a nice job of using his arms and hands to keep defenders from collapsing the pocket. His size and strength make it near impossible for defenders to straight up bull rush. For his strong day and effort he was honored as the camp Sophomore OL MVP.

Development: Derouen is probably at his ideal weight. Now he needs to transform some bad body weight into muscle mass. He could also work on his lateral quickness. A good dose of agilities on a regular basis will help him in that area.


Tyler Jones, Stephenson, GA (2014)

Official Size: 6-4-1/2, 282

Assets: Jones has a great frame and very little bad body weight. His powerbase is ideal for impeding pass rushers. He may have had one of the best punches I have ever seen while pass setting. He delivers a nice blow to the inside shoulder of the defender throwing them off balance. While punching he simultaneously sits in his chair using great hip and knee flexibility to keep pass rushers at bay. He definitely had one of the best one-on-one performances I have seen to date. His overall athleticism and size will allow him to play almost any position along the offensive line. His dominating performance did not go unnoticed as he won the Overall MVP for the camp.

Development: The only time he really struggled was versus huge defensive lineman that used their size and strength to overpower him. Jones just needs to continue hitting the weights and taking no prisoners.

Offers: 12 plus DI offers


Jahlil Mathis-Ellis, Langston Hughes, GA (2014)

Official Size: 6-2, 304

Assets: Mathis-Ellis has a great body for an interior offensive line prospect. He has a huge barrel chest and a powerbase made for pass setting. He also has very athletic looking legs for a big man. This is not a guy you want to bull rush at the point of attack because he is just too strong. He takes advantage of his natural lower pad level and uses a good punch to abate defenders. For his stellar showing he was honored as OL MVP.

Development: He struggled a couple times with quicker defensive lineman that used good counter moves. Mathis-Ellis needs to continue to stay squared up on the defender at all times and this means moving his feet laterally while engaged. I look for his stock to rise because he is one good looking interior offensive line prospect.

Offers: South Alabama


Chad Mitchell, Montgomery Bell Academy, TN (2015)

Official Size: 6-4-1/2, 260

Assets: Mitchell has the ideal height and long frame to develop into a true left offensive tackle. He is a long limbed athlete that can easily hold another 40 pounds of muscle mass. I was really impressed with his flexibility and hand placement during the one-on-ones. He really understands the battle for leverage. Mitchell just has so many raw tools that you cannot coach so I look for him to really make his recruiting mark this fall at Montgomery Bell Academy.

Development: At times he struggled with strong defensive lineman. His strength is not quite up to his natural pass blocking agility. Mitchell needs to continue to hit the weights while gaining quality muscle mass. Look for him to become a beast once he fills out.


Tyler Swindle, Hayden, AL (2014)

Official Size: 6-5, 295

Assets: This guy is one tough competitor. He loves to inflict his will as though he is the defensive player. His overall size is impressive as well as his strength. Once he locks his big paws on a defender they are stonewalled. He did a great job of steering the outside pass rusher completely by the pocket. His skill set is ideal for playing right offensive tackle or either guard position. It is really hard to believe that he has no DI offers at this time.

Development: He did lunge once in a while as though he does a lot of run blocking in high school. If he steps straight back and then post up he was in good shape. I really liked this kid and predict he will end up playing BCS level football.

Other Top Performers: Jason Akins, OL, Starr's Mill, GA (2014); Maceo Brown, RB, Sandy Creek, GA (2014); Tanner Brumby, QB, Pickens County, GA (2014); James Holmon, OL, Laney, GA (2014); Deonta Moore, RB, Huntsville, AL (2014); DJ Mott, OL, Montgomery Bell Academy, TN (2014); Dexter Neal, WR, Stephenson, GA (2015); Doby Nweubi, WR, Lassiter, GA (2014); Jordan Padgett, OL, Wayne County, GA (2014); DJ Pearson, QB, Northview, GA (2015); Breon Pender, WR, Marianna, FL, (2015); Roland Rivers, QB, ML King, GA (2014); Quan Weaver, WR, Central, AL (2016); Raekwon Webb, RB, Rutherford, FL (2016).

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