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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

Top Prospect Elite - Class of 2014 Top Performers

Courtesy: Barry Every / Schuman's National Underclassmen
          Release: July 30, 2012
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Norman, Oklahoma- Over 550 prospects from around the country were on hand for the final NUC Camp of the season held on the gorgeous Oklahoma University campus. The largest and most talented group at the camp was the class of 2014. Each of these participants earned their way into one of the most elite camps in the nation by qualifying at an earlier NUC event. They had the opportunity to show off their football acumen during agilities, individual position work, one-on-ones, and in a 7-on-7 instructional camp. Below are the young prospects that caught the watchful eye of, NUC National Analyst, Barry Every. These prospects demonstrated the skill and possessed the size potential to play football at the next level.

Khari Blasingame, DB, 6-0, 185, Buckhorn, AL

Assets: Blasingame is a tall lean defensive back with excellent lower body structure. His frame will easily allow him to hold another 15 pounds of muscle mass. He uses his long legs to gobble up yardage in the secondary. During the 7-on-7 instructional tournament he was able to pick off passes thrown with too much air between the hashes. After the catch he has the speed and change of direction to take interceptions the distance. Though he did not win an award he was most likely the top safety prospect in the camp.

Development: He needs to work on staying lower in his backpedal which will allow him to react quicker to the ball while in man coverage. Blasingame could be a little more aggressive in his jams at near the line of scrimmage.


Tony Brown, DB, 6-0, 181, Ozen, TX

Assets: Brown wowed the coaching staff early on during the agility stations in the Everest Center. He demonstrated extremely quick feet and hips on a swivel as he moved in and out of the cones. This potential corner has the coveted height and long arms that DI DB coach's desire. He is very smooth in his backpedal and he comes out of it like a charging lion attacking its prey. His size also lends itself for playing several positions in the secondary. But more importantly you have to love his positive attitude about competing against other prospects from around the country. And the icing on the cake is the fact that he is a high character kid with exceptional grades. Brown walked away with the DB MVP for the class of 2014.

Development: If I was going to be picky Brown needs to be a tad more physical with receivers off the line of scrimmage. He needs to jam them hard enough to disrupt the route while using the sideline as another defender.


KJ Carta-Samuels, QB, 6-2, 200, Bellarmine Prep, CA

Assets: Carta-Samuels has excellent overall body structure for a signal caller. He stands tall in the pocket while getting good depth on his drops. He is then able to dissect the defense by taking what they give based on the coverage. His throwing motion is short and compact and the ball comes out of his hand with consistent spin. This signal caller was also very aggressive taking more reps during the one-on-ones than any other quarterback. During the 7-on-7 instructional tournament he was able to guide his team down the field by using his strong arm and good field vision. He walked away from this camp as the QB MVP in a very deep group.

Development: He can work on hitching less and work more on keeping his weight on his back foot until he throws the ball. This will help with accuracy because it will allow him to replicate his throwing motion over and over again (muscle memory).


Elliott Davis, WR/DB, 6-0, 156, Quince Orchard, MD

Assets: Davis is one silky smooth athlete. He runs routes like a bouncing gazelle using his feet and hips to throw defensive backs off balance. He then was able to attack the ball like a rebounder ripping it down at its highest point. Davis also proved to be very versatile taking reps at cornerback during one-on-ones and looking extremely confident. He used his long arms to take receivers off their intended routes. Davis also demonstrated hips on swivel in allowing him to run step for step with receivers going deep. His hard work earned him the ATH MVP award.

Development: It is imperative that he add strength and muscle mass on is extremely lean frame. This will help with jump balls and getting off press coverage. Adding this extra size will also improve his homerun speed.


Bear Fenimore, QB, 6-1, 224, Westwood, TX

Assets: Fenimore came into this camp looking leaner than I have ever seen prior to the NUC Top Prospect-Elite Camp. He looked confident and relaxed taking his drops while sorting out the defense. He was then able to put the ball right on his intended target. Fenimore is at his best when throwing passes to the boundary or on quick slants getting the ball there in time for his receiver to make yards after the catch. There is little doubt about him developing into a major DI quarterback.

Development:  I would like to see him be a tad more vocal and direct with his receivers similar to his quarterback coach Chris Weinke. Don't always be so nice; it's ok to show some emotion. On a couple occasions he lollygagged when taking his drops decreasing the time he has to make a decision.


Derek Ibekwe, LB, 5-11, 209, Lamar Consolidated, TX

Assets: This is one rocked up linebacker especially in the upper body. Ibekwe does a great job of redirecting backs out of the backfield causing quarterbacks to look elsewhere to deliver the ball. During the 7-on-7 portion of the camp he was able to drop into coverage using quick feet and a great sense of field awareness. On more than one occasion he was able to get his hands on passes. His skill set is also ideal for coverage teams at the next level. Ibekwe is also a high character athlete with excellent academics. He ended up being the easy choice for LB MVP.

Development: He could add some lower body muscle mass which will help with bouncing around in the tackle box. Improving hip flexibility will help him when dropping in coverage.


Quadrekas Key, WR, 6-0, 172, Walker, AL

Assets: Key was the other silky smooth receiver with exceptional body control. He possesses long arms and can jump out of the building giving him the advantage on jump balls. He is able to create space using a hard plant foot and a shifty hip and shoulder move. During the 7-on-7 portion of the camp he took over in a couple games becoming the go to guy for his team. You really have to love the way he attacks the ball with his hands. His dominating performance in the 7-on-7 instructional tournament allowed him to be named 7-on-7 MVP.

Development: Key will need to work on getting stronger while adding more muscle mass. Right now he is a tad slight for making plays over the middle where there will be huge collisions. This added muscle mass should also improve his top end speed.


Nathan McConnell, OL, 6-4, 281, Jacksonville, NC

Assets: McConnell already has the size, girth, and strength that college coaches are looking for in an offensive lineman. He is very physical at the point of attack and doesn't mind being run over slowly if that is what he has to do to impede pass rushers. He did a nice job with his lateral movement to counteract any moves the defensive lineman used during the one-on-one portion of the camp. His strong effort earned him the OL MVP amongst a large group of competitors.

Development: He needs to work on getting full extension on his two handed punch. I would also like to see him work on improving his hip and knee flexibility just a tad. This will help him get into a quicker pass set and uncoil faster while run blocking.


Henry McGrew, LB, 6-3, 226, Blue Valley, KS

Assets: There is no doubt about this linebacker passing the eyeball test. He possesses excellent overall body structure and has the frame to add an additional 20 to 30 pounds of muscle mass. McGrew takes up a lot of space in the middle of the field and he has a knack of being able to break up passes thrown through the box. He would be considered a giant inside linebacker right now with the potential of growing into a pass rushing defensive end.

Development: If he wants to project as an inside linebacker at the next level he will need to work on staying lower in his backpedal. Right now he has a tendency to play a little high. Improving hip and knee flexibility will help in this area.


Jakell Mitchell, TE, 6-2, 202, Opelika, AL

Assets: Mitchell is a long limbed hybrid TE/WR that demonstrated the ability to find holes in the defense. He does a nice job of getting off jams by using his arms to keep defenders off his body. But what really stood out about this gridiron warrior was his ability to attack the ball with his hands in overcrowded spaces on the field. He was definitely one of the go to guys in the red zone for his team during the 7-on-7 instructional tournament. Because of that he was awarded the TE MVP award for the class of 2014.

Development: Mitchell will need to continue to fill out so he can become an asset in the running game. He could also work on lengthening his stride which will help with becoming a downfield threat.


Torrance Mosley, WR, 5-9, 153, Dutchtown, LA

Assets: Mosley has all the skills to become the quintessential slot receiver at the next level. He is quick as a South Georgia Gnat and has the ability to make yards after the catch. He also possesses excellent body control for catching passes thrown slightly off target. During the 7-on-7 tournament he demonstrated the ability to make defenders miss in the open field and take the ball the distance. In the end he was the easy choice as WR MVP for the class of 2014.

Development: Though he has excellent overall body structure he is still a bit light in the pants. It is imperative that he play at around 175-pounds at the next level to help with durability and becoming a competent run blocker.


Sione Palelei, RB, 5-8-1/2, 190, East Ascension, LA

Assets: No performer in this camp regardless of age group put on a better show from start to finish then this back. Palelei has incredible body structure along with great top end speed and quickness. This muscled up back also has great body control, soft hands, and excellent concentration as a receiver out of the backfield. His body structure will allow him to break simple arm tackles and get off linebackers that want to jam him at the line of scrimmage. During the 7-on-7 instructional tournament he played on both sides of the ball. Though blessed with all these physical skills he appears to be humble and a real team player. His Herculean effort earned him the highest award for the class of 2014 Overall MVP.

Development: I may have said this before but he needs to stay focused on being the best and staying healthy. Palelei will become one of the top prospects in Louisiana and the nation for the class of 2014.


Kamyrn Pettway, RB, 6-0, 222, Prattville, AL

Assets: This is one huge running back that can surely move the pile. But he is more than just a behemoth ball carrier. Pettway looked nimble and quick during the agility drills. He also flashed very soft hands for a big back during individual drill work. Then during one-on-ones he took linebackers off guard using his speed to get behind them with regularity. When the camp progressed to the 7-on-7 tournament so did Pettway's play. His effort did not go unnoticed as he won the RB MVP award.

Development: This fall will be Pettway's first season as the featured back for perennial power Prattville, AL. How will he hold up to throughout the season and can he actually get huge yardage after contact?


Tyler Swafford, QB, 6-1, 187, Brentwood Academy, TN

Assets: Swafford did a nice job of getting his depth quickly then delivering strike after strike. He has nice weight transfer giving him enough arm strength to make most any throw required of him. His throwing motion is also very efficient with a nice wrist flick at the end to create spin on his passes. He also did a good job of communicating to the receivers and listening to coaches. I had him in my top three signal callers in a deep group of quarterbacks for the class of 2014. Swafford did not leave empty handed as the NUC coaching staff honored him the Leadership Award.

Development: This fall he will be sharing some time with Florida Gator commit Max Staver. He needs to make the most of his opportunities especially in big games. There is little doubt about him having the tools to excel at the next level.


Christopher Thompson, DB, 5-8-1/2, 187, Voise Academy, IL

Assets: This thick muscular corner goes all out on every practice rep. Thompson looked fleet of foot during agilities and technically sound during position work. During one-on-ones he proved to be at his best when playing press man using his size and strength to overpower thin receivers. He exudes confidence and doesn't pine when beaten on a one-on-one rep. Thompson was part of a swarming secondary that dominated the 7-on-7 instructional tournament leading the Maroon team to the championship.

Development: He could work on his change of direction just a tad while playing off man coverage. He needs to get those hips turned around just a fraction of a second sooner if he wants to project as a corner. Improving overall flexibility should rectify this issue. He may not have the ideal height to play safety but he has the strength and speed.


T.V. Williams, WR, 5-7-1/2, 143, McKinney, TX

Assets: Williams is faster and quicker than lightning in a bottle. During agilities his feet moved so fast he caused blurred vision to the evaluators. During individual position drills he ran sharp crisp routes and flashed soft hands. But it was the on-on-ones where he sawed off most defenders at the waste using his superior skill set. No one could cover this receiver with off man coverage and if you missed on the jam he was hitting a homerun. Williams continued to have a strong day during the 7-on-7 tournament by taking short passes and turning them into long gains.

Development: Williams has to add 20 pounds of muscle mass over the next two years. He sometimes struggled against good press coverage. That added size and strength will also help with durability.

Other Top Performers: Kaleb Chalmers, DB, Greenwood, SC; Luther Jones, DL MVP, Union County, GA; Elijah Lee, WR, Blue Springs, MO; Daniel Lewis, Jr., DB, New Iberia, LA; Bobby Limon, OL, Lehman, TX; Austin Mansell, LB, Walker, AL; Marcus McMaryion, QB, Dinuba, CA; Jarrett Mitchell, RB, Kubasaki, Japan; Marcus Outlow, RB, Norwich Free Academy, CT; Joshua Smiley, LB, Pomfret, CT; Mac Storm, OL, Northwestern-Lehigh, PA; William Tillery, DB, Monticello, VA.

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