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Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

Top Prospect Developmental Camp - Top Performers

Courtesy: Barry Every / Schuman's National Underclassmen
          Release: July 30, 2012
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Norman, Oklahoma- Nearly 400 athletes were on hand on the picturesque campus of Oklahoma University for the second session of the NUC Top Performers camp. These gridiron warriors battled unbearable temperatures for over six hours to show off their football skills. They had the opportunity to show off their football skills during agilities, individual position work, one-on-ones, and in a 7-on-7 instructional camp. Below are the young prospects that caught the watchful eye of, NUC National Analyst, Barry Every. These prospects demonstrated the skill and possessed the size potential to play football at the next level.


Jonathan Alvarez, OL, 6-2, 273, Mesquite Horn, TX (2014)

Assets: This offensive lineman has superior body structure for a potential center or guard at the next level. Alvarez is a natural hip and knee bender that can really uncoil from his stance with a lot of power. He is also athletically gifted with quick feet allowing him to dance with defenders. Alvarez is very tough and not afraid to mix it up as he was the popular choice for defenders to call out during the final showcase. He ended up being the easy choice for OL MVP.

Development: The two areas he will need to work on in order to be considered an elite lineman is keeping his head up while pass setting and not over setting leaving the inside move open. Outside of that I can definitely say he has what it takes physically to be considered a legit DI prospect.


Joey Banks, RB, 5-9, 174, Franklin, CA (2014)

Assets: Banks caught my eye early on during agilities. He is light on his feet with great change of direction and balance. During the one-on-one portion of the camp he proved to be nearly unstoppable by using his quickness, acceleration, and body control to beat linebacker's silly. On several occasions he was able to get deep and make tremendous over the shoulder catches. Banks also possesses excellent overall body structure and the frame to add at least another 20 pounds of muscle mass. This back from the West Coast was the simple choice for RB MVP.

Development: He had very few weaknesses in his skill set. This fall will most likely be his first as the every down go to guy at running back. Adding that additional size while maintaining his overall athleticism will allow him to get more yards after contact. There is little doubt that he already possesses DI ability.


Grant Bouma, LB, 6-2, 215, Bakersfield Christian, CA (2014)

Assets: This linebacker has excellent overall body structure with the potential to add another 30 pounds of muscle mass. Bouma proved to be very physical at the point of attack during the one-on-ones using his size and strength to steer backs off their intended patterns. During the 7-on-7 tournament he did a nice job of closing off the middle of the field. He was able to use his length to make plays on errant passes. His effort did not go unnoticed as he won LB MVP for the class of 2014.

Development: He will need to work on his flexibility just a tad which should help him when dropping in coverage. This will also help him run sideline to sideline to make plays on the ball carrier.


Kai Callins, RB, 5-10, 173, Guthrie, OK (2014)

Assets: Callins was one of three backs that looked superior to every other athlete going through agilities. This guy is a perfectionist when it comes to route running. He does a great job of planting his foot while giving a head and shoulder fake. This move left linebackers corkscrewed into the ground as he ran by. Callins also has very soft hands and exceptional body control for a running back. He then took his skill set to the instructional 7-on-7 tournament and dominated on the field of play. His tremendous effort earned him the Overall MVP for the class of 2014 in the camp.

Development: Callins is a bit lean in the upper body and will need to add additional muscle mass if he wants to project as a running back at the next level. He could also work on his top end/homerun speed. Outside of that he has the football skill set and IQ to project on either side of the ball at the DI level.


Bobby Lee Garza, ATH, 5-11, 180, McCullom, TX (2013)

Assets: Garza may have had the best body structure for a skilled position player in this camp. He also took reps as a defensive back, receiver, and running back. He understands versatility is the key to long term success in football. During agilities he looked like a gifted shifty athlete as he whizzed through the stations. During one-on-ones he physically dominated most receivers he faced. If he is beaten in a one-on-one rep he does not pout but only comes back more determined. This jack of all trades ended up earning Overall MVP for the class of 2013.

Development:  As a defensive back he needs to work on getting a good jam on the receiver while not allowing a clean inside release. Use the boundary as your second defender. Right now he has more than five DI offers. He needs not to wait too long before verbally committing in my opinion because some of these schools could fill up.


Logan Moragne, RB, 5-10, 175, Little Rock Central, AR (2014)

Assets: Moragne was the third back that looked like a special recruit in my opinion. He has excellent lower body structure and the lateral movement to give defenders fits. During the one-on-ones he used his superior change of direction and soft hands to simply embarrass every backer he faced. But what really caught my eye was his understanding of route running and finding holes in the defense. If not for some cramping issues we could have been talking Moragne for RB or Overall MVP.

Development: Adding upper body muscle mass will help with durability and yards after contact. I love this players workmen like attitude and football IQ he just needs to be patient for his opportunity to shine on the big stage this fall.


Gregory Peace, DB, 5-10, 165, Arlington Bowie, TX (2015)

Assets: Peace made his name known early on in the camp by showing off his quick feet and hips during the agility stations. His positional coach raved about his smooth balanced backpedal during individual drills. He then translated his physical skills into lock down coverage during the one-on-ones. Peace used his long arms to guide receivers off their intended patterns. He was able to flip his hips and run stride for stride down the sideline lines. During the 7-on-7 instructional tournament he blanketed his side of the field making it a no fly zone for signal callers. He earned the highest honor for the class of 2015 Overall MVP.

Development: He already possesses excellent height for his age and the position.  He now needs to add an additional 20 pounds over the next three years while maintaining his overall athleticism.


Christian Pearsall, ATH, 6-0, 205, UMS-Wright, AL (2014)

Assets: Pearsall has excellent overall body structure which will allow him to project at several positions at the next level. He worked out at receiver in this camp but looks more like an H-Back or a Ted. He first caught my eye by using his deceiving speed to beat cornerbacks deep in the 7-on-7 tournament. For a thick muscular athlete he has extremely soft hands and superior body control. Pearsall can make the over the shoulder catch as easy as he can make the tough catch in heavy traffic. And though he was not selected for an award he proved to be one of the more versatile players in the entire camp.

Development: I really think long term he will project as either a linebacker or H-Back/Fullback at the next level. I really think these are the two positions he should work out at future camps.


Mook Reynolds, DB, 5-10, 155, Northern Guilford, NC (2015)

Assets: Reynolds was the other rising sophomore defensive back that shined at this camp. He already had the ideal height and long arms for the position. You have to like his attitude because he took reps at defensive back and receiver. Reynolds uses his long arms to guide receivers towards the boundary and to make plays on the ball. He also has hips on a swivel which allow him to change direction and recover when beaten. By the end of the day he had earned DB MVP for the class of 2015.

Development: I would like to see him work on staying lower in his backpedal which should only magnify the number of plays on the ball he will make. He is also very thin at this time and will need to add an additional 25 pounds of muscle mass over the next three years.


Shaan Washington, WR, 6-3, 208, Alexandria, LA (2013)

Assets: Wow! This is one good looking prospect on the hoof. He stood out early on during agilities because of his overall size and superior body structure. But Washington is more than just a pretty picture he was able to show off quick feet and good lateral movement. His size will definitely cause matchup problems for linebackers and defensive backs. During one-on-ones he was able to show off his elegant long stride and uncanny body control as he attacked the ball in the air. His strong performance earned him WR MVP for the class of 2013.

Development: As a potential receiver at the next level he may want to work on his top end speed in order to be considered a deep threat. His body structure allows him to project at several positions such as a hybrid TE or even a linebacker. If he is open minded college coaches will put him were he can see the field first.


Daniel Wise, DL, 6-2-1/2, 223, Hebron, TX (2014)

Assets: This defensive end looks great in his stance with powerbase high in the air and hands ready to get underneath the offensive lineman. Wise fires off the ball like a rocket gaining the early advantage with hand placement. But what really stands out about this young pass rushing specialist is his use of hands. He looks like a martial arts specialist using his hands as weapons to keep offensive lineman whiffing at his body. He was the unanimous choice for DL MVP.

Development: Wise simply dominated the one-on-ones and clearly looks the part of a major DI prospect. He will need to continue to add more muscle mass in order to battle much larger offensive tackles at the next level. His skill set may lend itself to projecting as a hybrid DE/LB in the 3-4 defense.

Other Top Performers: Chima Amushie, ATH, Youth Def. MVP, George Ranch, TX (2017); Stephen Benedik, WR MVP, Arnold, FL (2015); Ian Bramble, Co-WR MVP, Beaumont Central, TX (2014); Nicholas Carrera, QB MVP, Kecoughtan, VA (2015); Hunter Conn, OL MVP, Whitehouse, TX (2013); Hays Culbreath, Co-WR MVP, Greeneville, TN (2014); Alec Dingas, Co-TE MVP, Shawnee Mission West, KS (2013); Ethan Dursteler, Co-TE MVP, Sky View, UT (2013); Mitchell Fritts, LB MVP, MacArthur, OK (2013);Trent Gilmore, QB MVP, Freedom, VA (2014); Luke Haskins, QB MVP, Edmond North, OK (2013); Deadrick Mayberry, RB MVP, Mitchell, TN (2013); Elijah Ollison, DB MVP, Camdenton, MO (2014); JaQuay Owens, RB MVP, Eisenhower, IL (2015); Jerry Padilla, DB MVP, Highland, UT (2013); Alryk Perry, DL MVP, Glenwood School, GA (2013); Taegan Schoenfield, ATH, Youth Off. MVP, Wichita, KS (2018);  Rylee Simon, LB MVP, Vian, OK (2015); Anthony Wilson, OL MVP, Bradley-Bourbonnais, IL (2015); Morgan Wilson, DL MVP, Monticello, VA (2015).

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